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Big Boss Telugu Season 2 new logo unveiled


The colours & the colourful mystery of the naked Eye. This season, Star Maa raises the curtain to unveil the unseen spectra of the human eye. The naked eye effortlessly sets its vision beyond any camera’s reach. And once the eye captures the sight, it’s a marvellous kaleidoscope of colours.

The second season visually depicts a well-designed move from a camera to a human eye. This season is about the drama that comes in all vibrancy - every shade, every reflection. The bright hued rays that bounce off the eye hint towards the new charismatic angle that Big Boss takes this season. The visual identity aims at unveiling the hide and seek game with drama, suspense and excitement that season two is all about. Blue, Pink and Purple bring in the gender balanced dash of energetic charisma. Well, the bar is certainly raised so stay tuned and expect added spice in #BigBossTelugu Season 2.