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It was my father's dream to see me as hero - Tanish


Young and upcoming hero Tanish started off his career as a child artist with Usha Kiron Movies’ ‘Andam’ serial. He altogether did 25 serials and more than 30 films as child artist and also won a Nandi award. He is one those rare child artists who turned heroes after they grew up. His debut film as hero ‘Nachchavule’ is also under Usha Kiron Movies banner. The success of ‘Nachchavule’ has earned him more good offers in big banners. On the eve of his birthday on September 7th, this handsome hero interacted with the media and shared his personal as well as the film life. Some excerpts are:

Ravi Babu and my parents named me as Tanish:
My actual name is Sai Venkat Subhakar. Ravi Babu garu and my parents together chose my name as Tanish. But everyone at home calls me Kanna. I hail from Eluru. My father’s name is Vardhan and my mother’s name is Shashi. My father worked in Army. Hence I did my education in Jaipur, Eluru and Hyderabad.

This is my 3rd birthday as hero:

My most memorable birthday was three years after I entered the film industry as a child artist. This is my 3rd birthday after I turned hero.

Father’s dream:

It was my father’s dream to see me as an actor. Initially I was not very keen to become a hero but due to my parents wish I became a hero. My father left his job to concentrate on my career.

My parents were too happy to see me as hero:

After the release of my first film, I was only watching my parents’ expressions rather than the movie in theater. I was happy to see the happiness in their eyes. When the movie got the hit talk my father hugged me tight. My mom appreciated me. She used to shout at my brothers by asking them to follow me. I could even see the happiness in my mom whenever she would talk about me with our relatives. I feel very happy and satisfied because my parents are very happy to see me as hero.

Did 25 serials and 40 films:

I’m very happy to have started my career with a big banner like Usha Kiron Movies due to which I’ve learnt a lot. I started off with ‘Andam’ serial under this banner.  As a child artist I did atleast 25 serials and about 40 films. I even got Nandi award as child artist in the film ‘Hindusthan The Mother”. I thank all those banners which helped me to create a mileage for myself.

I want to try different subjects:

I started my film career with a love story film but I do not want to stick to a particular image. So I recently did a mass film ‘Kodipunju’ in that process. This film got very good response at B and C centres. As an actor I want to try films belonging to different genres. Every film lover should enjoy my films.

As hero my responsibilities have increased:

As a child artist I never had any responsibility except that I would attend shootings on time. But it is not the same after I became a hero. Since my responsibilities have increased, naturally the pressure will increase. However, I’m moving forward with the support of elders in the film industry.

Naani anna is everything to me in film industry:

So far I never got the idea of competing with anyone in the industry. I’m friendly with all my co-heroes. I never feel jealous of any heroes. We discuss about our films. After my parents I have great respect for Naani anna in the film industry. I will do everything only after consulting him.

Every hero is unique in his own style:

I was crazy about Chiranjeevi garu’s dances before entering the films. Since I worked with all heroes as a child artist I used to observe them a lot. So every hero is unique in his own style.

Multi-starrer films are healthier:

According to me multi-starrer films are always healthier than solo films because everyone will share the responsibility equally. So I’m looking forward to do so.

Favourite films:

As a child artist my favourite film is ‘Devullu’ and as hero it is ‘Nachchavule’.

My next film is Mem Vayasuku Vachcham:

Right now I’m doing ‘Salamath’. The shooting has reached the final stage. My next film is ‘Mem Vayasuku Vachcham’ which will start on 12th this month. I’m going to portray dual role in this film. While one is a teenage character the other is a matured guy’s role. Both are contrast to each other. So I’m trying to appear differently. The story is on city backdrop yet very natural. It reflects the minds of today’s students. This movie will be a milestone film in my career. After ‘Nachchavule’, this is going to be my 2nd film in Sekhar Chandra and Bhaskarabhatla’s combination.

Updated on September 7, 2011