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Few artists will be remembered with their character names forever - Dr Kamal Haasan


“I love to experiment new things”, that is how Padma Sree Dr Kamal Haasan explains his passion for filmmaking. The actor, director & producer is coming up with his latest prestigious project ‘Vishwaroopam’, releasing on 11th January, 2013 in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, made with a budget of Rs 95 crores. For the first time, Kamal is introducing a new technique through his spy thriller, i.e., the Auro 3D sound format. Apart from that, the movie will be first of its kind to release on DTH platforms due to which he had faced lot of controversies. In order to make clear the insecure feelings of the theater owners and exhibitors, he organised a press conference in Hyderabad recently. Here are few excerpts from the press conference.

I’ll become successful with DTH technique
I love to try new ways when it comes to films. Even little things do matter a lot to me.  Besides that, my idea of releasing the film through DTH became rigid with the reach of sufficient technology. Since last six months we have been planning to release ‘Vishwaroopam’ through DTH platforms and faced several hurdles.  But nevertheless we have overcome all of them and finally releasing it as per our plan only.  In this process many have supported me. It’s not because of high budget I have chosen this path.  I wanted to introduce this system only due to the latest technology which is within our reach now.  I know that this method will be followed in the near future.  I can confidently say that it will not incur loss to theaters.  I’m very confident that I will become successful with this technique.

Only 1% audience will watch through DTHKamal Haasan about Vishwaroopam release
I understand that it’s natural for one to face criticism as well as appreciations while introducing a new system.  There are many exhibitors who were against it.  The industry is badly hit due to pirates.  While the pirates are stealing 50% of income from the industry, DTH will allow only 1% audience to watch the film.  Hence as per my opinion the theater owners and exhibitors will not incur any losses due to that.  At the same time I’m not saying that we can eradicate piracy through DTH technique.

Are we not eating in hotels just because we have a kitchen at home?
Are we not eating in hotels just because we have a kitchen at home? Are we not going to temple just because we pray at home? Similar is this case also.  Did the black & white labs strike when the color films were introduced? We are just moving forward along with development in technology.  The audience will definitely go to theaters and watch the film even if they have seen through DTH.  The theaters have fed us and brought us to this level.  In that case why would I create loss to theaters?

Everyone will appreciate my idea after the release of the film
Everyone will definitely appreciate my efforts after the release of the film because ‘Vishwaroopam’ is an outstanding film from technical point of view.  I have spent about Rs 95 crores for this film and have sold it out.  But I’m yet to take money from anyone because I know it will come at the right time.  I’m very happy that many are supporting me in this aspect especially from Telugu film industry.  The audience will experience 5.1 quality in theater.

Future will tell if DTH will show impact on small films
I never differentiate small and big films.  In those days films like ‘Sagara Sangamam’, ‘Shankarabharanam’, ‘Swathimuthyam’, ‘Swarna Kamalam’ were all small movies before the release and turned out to be big films post-release.  So future will only say whether DTH will show any impact on small films.

Few artists will be remembered with their character names forever
I did the entire casting selection.  Shekhar Kapur is a very good friend of mine.  Hence he agreed to do this film.  His role is key to the film and he did cent percent justice to it.  He is the only suitable person for that role.  Similarly other artists like Rahul Bose, Pooja and Andrea have contributed their best too. Post-release of the film, few artists will be remembered with their character names forever.  International standard technicians have worked for this film.

DTH is not planned for overseas due to complicated process
‘Vishwaroopam’ is a grand movie from technical aspect.  We are releasing the film through DTH in India only.  We have not planned for overseas because that process is a little complicated.  Hence we are going to release the film in regular theaters at overseas.  I thank all DTH service providers for trusting me and supporting me.

Updated on April 25, 2020