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I've worked with Rana & Prabhas, now I wish to work with Mahesh - Richa


Prabhas, Anushka and Richa Gangopadhyay starrer ‘Mirchi’ has opened to theaters with positive talk today. Beautiful and bubbly Richa, who caught the attention of many with her maiden film ‘Leader’ and gave impressive performances in ‘Mirapakay’ and ‘Nagavalli’ is now seen opposite the handsome hunk Prabhas in ‘Mirchi’. On the occasion of movie release today, she spoke to the media and shared her views on the film. Here are few excerpts:

“Though my official name is Richa, my family call me Antara at home.  In ‘Mirchi’ I played Manasa, an NRI who is more of a tomboy.  Koratala Shiva designed my character with various shades.  He is a very cool and motivating person.  I was given the princess treatment by my producers”, Richa says.
About Prabhas she commented, “I call Prabhas Mr Bean and he calls me Richdi.  He appears like a five year old to me.  He takes immense care when it comes to food.  He is very sincere in work, but cool otherwise. It is an unforgettable experience with Prabhas in Bangkok where we did an adventurous diving together.  Similarly we did lot of risky shots in Italy”. 

“Before giving my commitment to any project, I ensure that the story and my role in it are perfect.  Apart from that I consider director, hero, banner and the market value of that film”, she explains.
Revealing some of her conditions about choosing her life-partner she said, “Not just movies, lot of conditions apply when it comes toRicha Gangopadhyay on Mirchi choosing a life-partner too.  I love to laugh, hence the person I’m going to marry should have good sense of humor. Apart from that, he should be taller than me, genuine, responsible, trust-worthy and must have goals in life.  Above all, he should not be associated to film industry.  Infact my first cursh was an Italian during my high school days and I don’t even remember why and how we got separated.  Right now I don’t have the idea of dating anybody.  In case someone impresses me, it’s going to be straight away marriage.”

When asked about her favourite actors in Tollywood she instantly replied, “Mahesh Babu, Prabhas and Rana.  I’ve already worked with two of them.  Now I wish to work with Mahesh.”

About working with multiple heroines in a film she opined, “How many heroines are there in a film also doesn’t matter to me.  It’s only Telugu film industry that takes it serious.  When it comes to Hollywood, we find even 10-12 heroines working in one film and no one compares one with another. My aim is to work sincerely irrespective of languages – be it Telugu, Tamil or Bengali.  I won’t bother about hit or flop of the film once it’s completed.  I only see to it that the story is appealing.  I know what I want.”

“I was in the US when the news of Delhi gang rape flashed.  More than Indians there, it was Americans who were shocked to note the incident.  Death is the only punishment for such acts in that country.  The crime rate will get reduced only if the law is strict”, she commented on the recent Delhi rape case.
“My hobby is to watch art films and play video games.  I’m kind of tomboyish.  I also cook and read lot of books.  Once in a while I go to temple.  My grand parents live in Hyderabad.  My grandpa is a retired IAS officer.  So at times I spend time with them”, she revealed when asked about how she passes her free time.    
About her forthcoming film ‘Bhai’ she said, “For the first time I’m going to be seen as a solo heroine opposite Nagarjuna in ‘Bhai’ film.  Veerabhadram Chowdary narrated a wonderful script.  He shares clearly even small things.  I’m playing a doctor in this film.  Shooting will begin in another week’s time.  I want to dub my own voice for this film because I’ve already tried a little in ‘Nagavalli’.”

“I like Anushka a lot.  We have worked together in ‘Nagavalli’ too.  However, there are no scenes in our combination in ‘Mirchi’. I don’t have ego problem with any heroine”, she says with a beautiful smile on her face.  

Updated on April 25, 2020