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To play any character easily is an inherent quality. When you hear his words in Anjali, even you want to watch that movie. He was introduced as a mischievous hero in Nuvve Kaavali. As a child artist and as a hero, his first movies were big hits. We still see him as a small boy. In the movie Adrushtam, he plays the role of a person in between two heroines. Let us see what he told to when we met in the sets of Adrushtam.

Please tell us about your studies?
Till 8th class I studied in Madras and after that I studied in Hyderabad till intermediate. I had to put a coma to my studies at that point, as I became a busy hero. Now Iam doing my B.B.M., correspondence course.

As a child artist how did you get your first chance in Anjali?
I got my first chance as a child artist when I was in class 3 or 4. At that time I was having summer vacation. At the same time Maniratnam sir was searching for a child artist and they selected me. After that I got many offers. After acting in Anjali my friends used to tease me. I enjoyed my childhood a lot.

As a hero, your first step….
I think you all know that I started my career as a hero with the movie Nuvve Kaavali. The success of that movie was really a plus point for me. After that I got many offers.

Did you notice any difference between childhood acting and present day acting?
As a child, I enjoyed shooting. The age was also like that. We don't know anything at that age. But now I have the responsibility of a hero. So we have to do that in a correct manner, as everyone will be noticing us. We have to act according to the people.

Heard that Richa of Nuvve Kaavali is a good friend of you?
Good friend in the sense, I just know her before the movie Nuvve Kaavali, but while doing the movie we became good friends.

Why didn't the audience react well to your movie Chirujallu?
The story of Chirujallu was good. In Nuvve Kaavali we both played the role of good friends and mischievous students, but in Chirujallu we played the role of decent lovers. But it couldn't attract the audience.

The film Uncle was also not up to your expectations?
I did a big mistake for that movie. I didn't listen to the story before signing for that. Anyway both the movies Uncle & Chirujallu teached me good lessons and made me realize my mistakes, so that I won't repeat them again.

What about your family background?
My father is a producer and my mother Rojaramani is known to all of you. Amulya is my sister and is now in eighth standard.

What about the involvement of your mother in your movies?
My mother deals with money matters. But I will only see the story or the character. They won't restrict me in anything.

What type of roles do you prefer?
I don't have any specific roles. The character in the picture should suit my age, because I can't play the role of father of two kids and nobody will watch me in that type of roles. In the same way even a powerful mass character such as Samarasimhareddy also not suit my age. Any role should suit my age.

Class people mostly receive your pictures, what about mass?
There are many people who can play mass characters. I didn't get that type of characters. If I get any such characters, I will definitely do that. To do a mass character, having roughness is important, but it can't be seen in the character.

Do you like to act in the combination of big heroes?
I will definitely do. But my character should be equally important to the character of that hero in the movie. If the role is like that, then I will accept the role.

Do you face any competition in your field?
Whenever there is competition, the talent of the person will come out. We can know our talent. But there is an image for every hero. Film industry itself means a world of competition.

Are you naughty at home?
No, I am very calm. My sister Amulya and I are very close to each other. When there is not time to take rest in this busy life, where is the time to be naughty?

You favorite hero & heroines?
Chiranjeevi & Ramyakrishna.

The point you like in Chiranjeevi…
I like his dance very much.

Which heroine do you prefer to act besides you?
It's the choice of director and audience. I never felt like I should have a particular heroine besides me. Anyone is OK for me.

What experience did you get from the movie Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu?
Wonderful experience. The first picture I did in Suresh Productions was a hit and so I am very happy.

How do you face the rumors about you?
Rumors are very common. I t will be better if we don't notice these rumors. In a shooting, if we talk to a heroine, they will create something and write. All these are done just for public enjoyment.

Your hobbies.
I like cricket very much. If I haven't become a hero, then I would have tried for cricket.

Date of Birth?
January 8th, 1983.

How many pictures do you want to do yearly?
I think we can do a maximum of 3 pictures only.

Are you getting dedicated to only love stories?
There is nothing like that. In the film Adrushtam, I am playing a different role. I didn't expect that I would play this type of role.

So what is that role?
A person searching for employment fortunately finds a good job. Under some circumstances he gets involved in some problems. How could he come out of those problems is my role in Adrushtam.

Did you learn acting?
No. It is an inherent quality.

Tell about the good and bad in you?
Good in the sense, I am very friendly with every one. Bad means if I have something in my mind I will tell it out. I say anything and everything directly. I am straightforward. Due to this, I have to face some problems.

How do you spend time with your friends?
I like friends very much. I enjoy a lot with them. I spend most of my free time with them.

Which heroine's performance did you like the most in your movies?
I liked the performance of all the heroines who acted with me. Richa, Sneha, Gajala, Aarti, Reema, I like every one's performance.

What's your ambition?
To be a good …good…good…actor forever.

Updated on July 18, 2005