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Every generation will connect well with every scene in Antaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha - Eesha


Eesha, a bubbly and talented beauty is making her acting debut with ‘Antaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha’ costarring Sumanth Ashwin which is opening to theaters on August 23rd. The actress feels and believes that her energetic performance in the film will pave way to her successful film career. The director and producer of the film are also genuinely excited to introduce this talented beauty to the movie world through their film ‘Antaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha’. Read the interview below to know more about Eesha shooting experiences.

Speaking of your movie entry, how did it happen?Heroine Eesha Interview
Director Mohan Krishna met me on facebook and called for an audition.  I don’t have any acting experience except that I did 2-3 ad films.  So before going for the test shoot he made rehearse 2-3 scenes from the film.  When he got convinced with my performance in the test shoot he called me after two weeks and said that I was selected as the lead actress.  Later I had to attend a two month workshop.

So did the workshop experience help you perform with ease?
Yes, to a certain level.  As I’m new to acting, my director Mohan garu used to explain the scene in advance and would ask me to come prepared on the next day.  That has really helped me to do a lot of homework along with my sisters at home. After 2-3 days of shoot in the first schedule, I had to do a climax scene.  But my director asked me to do exactly the way I would feel imaging myself in that situation in real life.  That way I was able to satisfy him with my performance.  There are several intense scenes in the 2nd half wherein I had to carry the mood of the film perfectly with my emotions.  There were several lengthy dialogues too.

How was your rapport with your costar Sumanth Ashwin?
My costar Sumanth Ashwin also helped me a lot by giving good support.  We would rehearse every scene together.  Some times I even had lengthy dialogues for which I had to put in a lot of efforts.  On the very first day of my shoot, I was really tensed to face the camera even though I had a very small dialogue.  However Sumanth and director Mohan comforted me by telling me not to worry about the number of takes since it was a first day.  But finally I some how managed to do it, of course, with lot of takes. (laughs)

Tell us about your work experience with your senior actors?
I’ve learnt a lot from my senior artists too, especially from Madhubala garu who acted as my mother in the film. Mohan garu even feels that we both look alike. I used to discuss a lot with her about acting during shooting breaks.  She really gave me very good tips like how to get into the character and mould ourselves according to the mood the scene and how to make a particular facial expressions, especially when there are no dialogues to deliver.

What role have you played in the film?
I played a character called Ananya, a painter who's strong, confident and independent.

Tell us about music in this film.
Kalyani Koduri garu composed fabulous songs.  There is only one fast beat number in the film which is a marriage song.  Rest are all melodious and situation bound songs that integrated with the story.  There are altogether seven songs in the film.  I’m impressed with the lyrics too.  Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry garu and Ananth Sriram garu rendered excellent lyrics.  My favourite songs in the film are the marriage song, ‘Gammatuga…’ and ‘Thene Mullu….’.

Of late comedy has become the main element in films belonging to any genre.  So can you tell us about the prominence of comedy in this film. 
Unlike movies that has a separate comedy track, comedy in this film integrated with the story just like songs.  Srinivas Avasarala’s comedy will make the audience burst into laughter in theaters.

What’s the specialty of this film?
The highlight of the film is that every generation will connect well with each scene because of realistic dialogues.  So the audience will get involved into the film easily.

Who was the dubbing artist for your character?
(Smiles) I dubbed my own voice for my character.

Eesha concluded her interview by thanking her producer and director for trusting her instincts and choosing her to be part of the film despite knowing that she’s new to acting.  According to her, producer Dhamodar Prasad took lot of care and kept her comfortable during the shoots.

“Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha will release on August 23rd.  So I request everyone to go and watch the film, especially girls between 18-30, because all answers to their questions will be available in this film and one will connect well with every situation in the film”, said Eesha.

Updated on April 24, 2020