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For the first time, I was like 'Yes' I can handle a star hero - Veerabhadram


‘Bhai’ is the third from Veerabhadram, who also delivered super hit films like ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’ and ‘Poola Rangadu’. The filmmaker believes in hard work and says that he will certainly see the fruitful results for his hard work in ‘Bhai’. Produced under Annapurna Studios banner by Nagarjuna himself, the film is releasing worldwide on 25th. On this occasion the media sat down with the director to discuss about his upcoming release. He said “Nagarjuna garu is very happy after watching the first copy. We have even received applause from the censor board. I’m very confident that I will hit a hattrick with ‘Bhai’.” Check out few more excerpts from his interview.

How did ‘Bhai’ begin for you?
After completing ‘Poola Rangadu’ with Sunil, I met Nagarjuna garu to narrate this story.  He was then shooting for ‘Shirdi Sai’ movie.  The title ‘Bhai’ excited him a lot when I mentioned it after narrating the story.  He was very impressed with the characterization and punch dialogues, and instantly okayed the film. The success of my earlier films also helped me get this opportunity.

Tell us about your shooting experience on the sets of ‘Bhai’?Veerabhadram Interview on Bhai film
It took about two to three days to get accustomed to the team.  But after that, with the kind of freedom Nagarjuna garu gave me, I was able to do the film comfortably and I thoroughly enjoyed my work.  He appreciated my work after watching the rushes.  And that boosted me further to give my best.  We started off the film with the first shooting schedule in Bangkok.

What was it like working with Nagarjuna?
Working with Nagarjuna garu is altogether a different experience. He always is first when it comes to encouraging the new talent.  He has the acting experience of over 90 films.  So I used the opportunity to learn a lot from him.  Well, for the first time I was like ‘Yes’, I can handle a star hero. I might do many films in future, but I believe that the work experience with Nagarjuna is something different.  His cooperation was amazing.  He did not compromise on anything as a producer too.  He provided me all that is required for the film.

Can you tell us some of the fascinating aspects of this film?
Vijay is the name of the character Nagarjuna garu played.  But everyone will address him as ‘Bhai’.  It’s a complete action entertainer.  Several directors have shown Nagarjuna garu in different get-ups.  Similarly I tried my best to show him in my style in the best way possible.  He will be seen in three different shades.  Title ‘Bhai’ is apt for his character and body language. If I had to mention about highlights, it is the performances of 80 ensemble cast, Brahmanandam and MS Narayana’s comedy, sister sentiment and commercial elements.

What about music?
Devisri’s music has brought in energy and increased craze to the film.  Similarly the trailers have further generated curiosity among the people.  All movies in the combination of Nagarjuna-Devisri are hits.  In this film also, music and re-recording are added assets.

The female cast you have for this seems to be very impressive.    
Yes, Richa did full-length character in this film.  I’m sure this film will give her a good break.  Similarly, Zara Shah of ‘Life is Beautiful’ fame played Nagarjuna’s sister.  She gave a wonderful performance too.

Another interesting aspect of this film is dialogues.  Can you talk a little about that?
‘Shiva' movie had set a trend, right.  So in order to connect the dialogues with that film, we took lot of care while writing dialogues.  Debutants Sandeep and Ratna Babu penned excellent dialogues.  We have also made Ghatikachalam write few punch dialogues like ‘Hyderabad ki rende famous….okati Irani Chai, rendu ee Bhai’, ‘Ee field lo edhaina kothaga try cheyyalante adhi Nene’.  I’m sure the punch dialogues delivered by Nagarjuna will make the audience clap and whistle in theaters.

So what’s next for Veerabhadram?
There are several commitments.  I’ll announce my future projects soon.

Updated on April 24, 2020