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Grandpa watched my film and laughed aloud - Sumanth


Sumanth released three of his films in 2011 - ‘Golkonda High School’, ‘Raaj’ and ‘Daggaraga Dooramga’, but saw only one success in the form of ‘Golkonda High School’. The actor feels that he can get complete satisfaction only when the story, director and production values are good. Hence he is said to have waited for two long years to come out with a full-fledged entertainer titled ‘Emo Gurram Egaraavachu’, which has just got released. On this occasion Sumanth shared some of his views on the film. Read on…

Don’t you think the gap is too much between your last release and this film?
I agree that there was a huge gap of two years.  The reason for not accepting any offers is that I wasn’t too happy with the scripts.  According to me a complete satisfaction of doing a good film comes only when the story, director and production values are good.  So I felt that I’ve taken wrong decisions regarding my last two films after ‘Golkonda High School’.  ‘Emo Gurram Egaraavachu’ is a wonderful film with a good screenplay.  So I’m confident that the film will reach the audience.Sumanth Interview

‘Emo Gurram Egaraavachu’ sounds interesting.
Yeah! The title sounded interesting to me as well.  ‘Emo Gurram Egara Vachchu’ means a person who thinks he can’t achieve anything finally targets America to reach his goal.

Can you tell us a bit more about ‘Emo Gurram Egaraavachu’?
It is a story of a young village guy who attempts 10th class for 14 times but fails.  He is the guy who wants to live a carefree life.  So one fine day a girl named Neelaveni enters into his life. But she is the guy who has her own principles and wanted to a modern guy for her.  So it’s the love story between these two.

What is it like for you to play lady getup character?
For the first time in my career, I’ve played a complete entertainment character.  Many were surprised at my lady getup.  However I did it because the story demanded in a situation song.  I simply followed what my director said.  Both writer Kanchi and director Chandra Siddhartha together got the idea of my lady getup in this film.

Why everything in Thailand?
Yes, it’s because our producer hails from the same place.  He is an entrepreneur from Thailand. So major part of the film was shot in Bangkok. The heroine in this film is also a familiar actress in Thai films.  That’s the reason we have released the audio in Bangkok.  I’m also happy to note that the film has been dubbed and released in Thai language.

Tell us about the music in this film?
I’m a huge fan of Keeravani garu.  I’ve observed his judgement in several occasions.  It’s very genuine.  Re-recording is highlight.  He took lot of interest in my film.  I’ve recently seen his re-recording work in ‘Baahubali’ too.  It’s on par with Hollywood standard.

Did your grandfather Akkineni garu watch this film?
Grandpa watched my film and laughed aloud.  He used to watch his favourite movies everyday to keep himself happy.

What were you hopes on the film when it was offered to you?
Initially I felt that I’m not the right choice for this character. I also had an opinion that only Sunil and Ravi Teja would fit into the bill.  However as the story appeared fresh to me, I felt that my decision to take up this project would be right.  In fact my sister Supriya listened to this story two years ago and eventually the script has come back to Chandra Siddharth after changing many hands.  So that’s how we started off this project.

What are your upcoming projects?
My next film will be under the direction of writer Kaanchi.  Soon after that I will be doing a film on One banner.  Few of them suggested me to do ‘Satyam 2’.  I too felt that it would be nice if the story on post-marriage theme is formed. Nonetheless it would be interesting if the idea comes out from the director’s mind.

Updated on April 24, 2020