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Sumanth talks about "Pourudu"


A rich pedigree was not what got him the fame that he has today. Disappointments and a lot of hard work later actor Sumanth finally emerged the hero; his last few films got him the much needed box office success and critical acclaim for his acting skills. Now with his latest film Pourudu a home production (S.S.Creations), Sumanth is testing waters with an action flick. In a chat with Ragalahari a confidant Sumanth speaks at length about his Sankranthi release.

Regular masala films don’t suit me
Pourudu is an action movie. It tells the story of a Civil services topper who rises when the system that he believes in collapses. It has shades of Sarkar but quite different from its storyline. This film focuses on the father-son relation ship and also includes the romance between Kajal and me. After two romantic dramas I wanted to try my hand at action. But Pourudu is not a regular masala film. I don’t suit those kind of roles even if want to do such films.

I wanted to work for my own banner
After almost fifteen years my father’s S.S.Creations banner is returning to film production. My sister Supriya has been actively involved as executive producer for the films from Annapurna Studios banner. So when Pourudu was proposed we thought that she should come forth as the film’s producer. I did this film because I wanted to work for my own banner.

Raj is a much focused director
Raj Aditya had assisted director Priyadarshan for a long time. The script that he had proposed for Pourudu was very good. Raj is very much focused and has an amazing music sense.

Mani scores best for action movies
Manisharma had earlier scored music for my films Yuvakudu and Madhumasam. But I think he gives very good music for action films. I promised him that I would come to him once with an action movie. And the music that he has scored for Pourudu is excellent. This is his best so far for my films.

Kajal’s role is similar to that of her off screen persona
We had signed Kajal for this film much before she had signed on for Chandamama. We are glad that the film was a hit and now Kajal is a known and popular face.   The character that she portrays in this film is very similar to how she is in real life. She is a very bubbly person and her role in Pourudu is quite similar to her real life persona.

One film at a time is the new policy
I have stopped accepting many films. I don’t want to work on two three films at the same time. Right now the policy is of one film at a time. But I would consider if the film I am being offered is planned so well that all I have to do is just act in it. Then I may rethink my policy.

Not acting with Nagarjuna in the near future
Nagarjuna and I have no plans of acting together. Not in the near future. But I will do films by Annapurna Studios.

Pourudu on 12th January
Pourudu will be releasing on 12th January with over 120 prints. My next film I will announce after Pourudu has released. I have finalized one project only, as of now.

Updated on April 25, 2020