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Sumanth talks about "Boni"


After giving pretty long gap Sumanth, the handsome hero, is going to appear in theaters with his latest release ‘Boni’ on June 12. He took some time to spend with the media and share his views about his latest film ‘Boni’ which is claims that the film reminds one of RGV’s ‘Kshana Kshanam’. Music director turned producer, Ramana Gogula, is producing the film under his home banner Green Mangoes introducing Raj Pippala as director. Some excerpts –

How do you label Boni?
It is an action packed romantic comedy entertainer that reminds us of RGV’s ‘Kshana Kshanam’.  The basic plot of the ‘Boni’ runs on mafia backdrop emphasizing the humour. To tell it in simple words it is a complete fun film that can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Can you define your character in Boni?
Although the film has the romantic subject the character I portray in this film is very new. The character is very cool and he joins the mafia group to earn the money and please his girl friend.

Can you mention a few highlights in the film?
The output of the film is great with excellent re-recording . And added to that is the music which is an asset to the film. If the music is successful, 50 percent of film can be rated as success. I can rate this film’s music as my third best after ‘Satyam’ and ‘Godavari’.

The Tamarind seeds in the posters are creating curiosity among the movie buffs!!
Yes! The tamarind seeds play a vital role in the film and the audience will understand only if they watch the film.

How is it working with a debutant like Raj Pippala?
Raj Pippala is basically a film lover and who thinks different and want to do things differently.  Although his origin is Bhimavaram he stayed abroad for quite long time.  Being humorous is his inborn quality therefore he is able to handle this subject in a humorous manner. He tried the western style of film making mixing Telugu nativity.  He definitely has a very good future as a director.

What about Ramana Gogula?
I don’t think I need to mention about Ramana Gogula’s music.  He has a unique taste in composing the tunes right from the time of ‘Premante Idera’.  So when he approached me with this film I didn’t have any second thoughts for it as I knew he would come up with new ideas only.  Being a business entrepreneur he is brilliant in business facet. Hence his planning was good and is easy to work with him. He has proved himself as a good producer as well as a good music director through ‘Boni’.

Why did it take so long to complete the film? Any specific reasons?
Actually Raj Pippala came to me and narrated the story of ‘Boni’ on the sets of ‘Pourudu’. I liked the subject so much that I instantly agreed to do the film.  But in general it always takes some time for anyone to understand the views of a new director.  This apart we had to face some hurdles during the making of the film which also resulted in exceeding the budget. But finally I’m happy that we are coming up with a good film.

Tell us few words about the heroine in ‘Boni’.
Kirthi Kharbandha is a wonderful actress though she is very new to this field. She has got a full length role to prove her potential.

Which role in your career has given you the most satisfaction?
Frankly speaking no role that I played so far has given me complete satisfaction although I’ve done the mass, class, family and action oriented roles.

Then what kind of roles are you looking for?
I want to try any role with new dimensions in the commercial format. Of late Bollywood films are being made with such formats. But whatever role I play it should reach the common man. Otherwise it makes no sense in going for a variety as this is a commercial field.

Do you mean to say that there are no good script writers in Telugu?
I’m not saying that there are no good script writers in Telugu but definitely there is lack of creative writers comparing to that of Hindi and Tamil writers.

Your opinion about two young heroes from your family, Sushanth and Naga Chaitanya?
Both of them are talented and maintain their own style without imitating their seniors. Sushanth is sure to go a step above with his latest ‘Current’ and not to speak of Naga Chaitanya who is capable enough to handle any situation.  He is sure to attract the Telugu audience.

Updated on April 25, 2020