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Sekhar Kammula's Interview on Anaamika


Sekhar Kammula, known for his musical family entertainers, for the first time is coming out with a film from a different genre. Yes, 'Anamika' starring Nayantara is the remake of the Hindi blockbuster movie 'Kahaani'. Kammula, who always prefers to work with new star cast and new technicians, for the first time worked with renowned actors and technicians. On the eve of his film release on 1May, the brilliant writer talks to the media about his bilingual remake film and what inspired him to do this remake project.

So far you have been delivering musical entertainers. Tell us briefly how your latest film 'Anamika' going to be.
Unlike my previous films, 'Anamika' is a thriller film. It's a story of a middle class woman. In this film I portrayed how a middle class woman reacts during tough times. Nayantara did a fabulous job and did 100% justice to the film.

We are aware that 'Anamika' is the remake of 'Kahaani'. How are you going to show 'Anamika'?

Frankly speaking, I saw 'Kahaani' only once. It would be fair enough for the audience to judge how well I made the film instead of comparing both versions. I admit that I took the basic plot of the original film and made changes to suit the Telugu nativity with the support of Yendamuri Veerendranath. According to me, it's a thriller film in new genre.

How did you showcase the woman ideology in this film?

All my previous films are based on woman ideology right from my first film 'Anand'. Similarly in this film, I showed how a middle class woman has to handle difficult situations in life when she faces one.

The Hindi version showed Vidhya Balan as pregnant lady, but Nayantara appears as a normal woman in Telugu. What really boosted your confidence that the Telugu version will connect well with the audience? 
Yes! Vidhya Balan portrayed the role of a pregnant woman and gave an excellent performance. I do agree that. But as I'm doing the remake of that film, I did not wanted to create sympathy based on the point of pregnant woman. That's the reason why I portrayed Nayantara as a normal woman. According to me emotions are vital to this story and Nayantara did a fantabulous job in exhibiting all emotions in a right manner.

You have worked with Keeravani for the first time. So can you tell us a bit about his music?

Background score plays vital role for films of this genre. Keeravani provided excellent music, be it in songs or re-recording. It was a wonderful experience working with him even though it was for the first time.

For the first time in your film career you have worked with several experienced actors too. How was that working experience?
Yeah! For the first time I've worked with renowned actors like Nayantara, Vaibhav and Pasupathy and it was wonderful working with such stars. This is the first time my film is releasing in Tamil too.

Everything appears to be first time for you including making a film under corporate house?
Yes! This is the first time I teamed up with a corporate house to do a film. Infact this kind of culture is essential for Telugu films. It was a different experience working with the corporate company. I'm very happy that they chose me to do this film. I was able to do it and complete within the scheduled time only with their support. I'm happy to feel satisfied with my work.

So could you tell us how you have prepared for it?
Unlike my previous films, this film cannot be canned in the old city. Therefore I had to design a look alike set to shoot the major part of the film. The Tamil version will also show the story on old city backdrop, but how a Tamil woman faces the same situation in old city. 'Anamika' is a woman oriented film that has been made in a new genre. The audience will experience it on a different backdrop.

Why are you silent on Nayantara's absence during promotion of 'Anamika'?
That's is because I did not consider it as an issue at all. It could be her policy of not participating in the movie promotion. So what is the need to react for such small things.

The buzz is that you do not want to make any more remakes after this. What could be the reason for it?
I haven't truly said that I'll not do any remakes. But since I've put in a lot efforts to make this film, I felt that I could have very well thought of a new subject instead of a remake. Infact I took lot of care during the making of 'Anamika' more than the original version.

Updated on April 24, 2020