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I aim only at middle class boys - Sekhar Kammula


Childhood is a very enjoyable phase in everyone’s life which is free from many responsibilities and challenges of the adulthood. There are no egos, no need to earn money and no one cares about being rich or poor. It’s all about how we are living our lives. Childhood is the happiest time because we experience playing on the streets, sleeping on the terrace, celebrate festivals with family and friends, going for movies, sharing sorrows with near and dear, quarrels with neighbours and many more such emotions can be recollected. Everyone will enjoy their own life. We have a beautiful life to help each other. That’s enough. Taking the above mentioned lines as the basic concept, Sekhar Kammula crafted a beautiful film titled ‘Life is Beautiful’, which is ready to open to theaters worldwide on September 14th. On this occasion the filmmaker spoke to the media about his film on Wednesday. A few excerpts are:

Sekhar Kammula started his chit chat saying: This is the right time for me to make this film for the reason that after 3-4 years I will grow further ahead. Consequently I might not have these kind of emotions at that time.  Hence I decided to listen to my heart and do this film now.

I did not choose them for publicity
I did ‘Life Is Beautiful’ with all new comers.  However, I did not compromise on production values and the film also made equally goodl business.  I consider myself lucky to have Amala as part of my film.  She played a very important character in this film. Anjala Zaveri is the same person I knew her when she started her career. Similarly I chose Shriya only because I required her for the character in my film.  I did not choose all these three celebrities with the intention of using them for publicity.  All artists in the film have been chosen as per the script demand.  I’m very happy that the film has created curiosity among the people. 

I aim only at middle class boys
I had no intention of not doing films with stars.  I opt for new artists purely based on the story demand.  If stars are required, I would certainly approach them.  When it comes to making of films, I present all Telugu native touch-based films.  For instance, ‘Happy Days’ have been remade in Tamil, but it did not do well in Tamil Nadu.  The reason being, most of my films are close to Telugu nativity.  I aim only at middle class boys whenever I make a film.  They are my target.  I also prefer to do simple movies, which are very hard to mould and they require creative thoughts. 

My film with Akhil is not now
I might do a film with Akhil but not now. He has already become an instant cricket star.  I’m longing to do a love story with Nagarjuna that would be greater than ‘Geetanjali’.  I’ve plans to do ‘Happy Days’ in Hindi.

Multiplex films will always have upper hand anytime
At one point of time, we had peaceful society.  People used to undergo the emotional action and drama experience only in theaters.  But things are different today, as these violations are experienced by people in real life.  That’s the main reason why I choose to present films with simple and light subjects, that too with my mark.  According to me, action is that which ‘Good’ fights against ‘Bad’.  That doesn’t mean the audience will accept the routine kind of mass action films.  We should come up with variety concepts.  In this line, multiplex movies will always have upper hand anytime. 

I expected radical changes in the society post release of 'Leader'
I expected radical changes in the society post release of ‘Leader’, but the film did not make any impact on the society. However, it earned good profits to my producers and good name for me.  I’ve minimum social awareness. Therefore I would certainly do yet another film if at all any incident evokes me in future.  I would never write a script with a feeling of resentment and make it into a film.  Similarly I do not know to make films with calculations.  I can never make a film if the environment is uncooperative.  These are the few attributes which I need to change in me.

Updated on April 21, 2020