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Allari Naresh about ‘Brother of Bommali’


“I feel 50th film is just like my earlier films, but audience expectations have grown with the number 50. And their expectations have increased my fear, “said Allari Naresh. The most awaited family entertainer 'Brother of Bommali', featuring Allari Naresh, Monal Gajjar and Karthika Nair in the lead roles and Harshavardhan Rane, Abhimanyu Singh, Kelly Dorjee etc. in important roles is all set for release on Nov 7th. Ammiraju Kanumalli is producing the film under Siri Cinema banner with EVV Satyanarayana as presenter. ‘Veedu Theda’ fame B Chinni is the director. Allari Naresh talks about his role and his future projects etc. in an interview.

What is the reason behind to accept ‘Brother of Bommali’?
Vikram Raju, who worked with me for the film ‘Siddu from Srikakulam’, has narrated me the story. At first I was a bit hesitant because already many star heroes have done brother and sister concept films. He said that in every hero’s film they have shown how the sister should be. But, in our film we are showing how the sister should not be.  I was excited hearing a scene in the story and immediately agreed to act in it.

How is Karthika’s character in the film? 
Her character has equal importance like the lead pair. To say simply, she doesn’t use her brain and she used to fight with me from childhood. But, she has no negative shades in the character. She will be in a Tomboy character. My special thanks to her for accepting sister role, though she is busy doing heroine roles. She did some very good dances and fights and she did floor moves without using a rope like star heroes NTR and Allu Arjun.

Both characters have equal importance
No one will dominate any character in the film. She is like a second hero. Both characters have equal importance. Karthika and I played siblings. She is very emotional and I’m intelligent. Even though she does fights and feats, I’ll make the story. The story is about how my family and my friends come out of the troubles caused by my sister and those things we have shown in a hilarious way.

He felt very happy
Actually, we have decided ‘Kola’ name for Brahmanadam character. But, we felt that it is better to put different name to him. At last, Brahmanadam suggested ‘Kona Venkat’ name. Before starting the shooting, we called Kona Venkat for his permission. He accepted and we went ahead. He felt very happy after watching the final copy.

What are the highlights of the film?
Karthika’s first fight, punch dialogues and very good dances will be the highlights for ‘Brother of Bommali’. Brahmanadam’s comedy will be the comedy highlight for the film. And we have no heavy dose sentiment in the film. Just 2 mts. Sentiment is there.

Tell about director B Chinni?
B Chinni did 100% justice to the concept. He narrated the story to Karthika and made her to accept to act in it. In the same way, Sekhar Chandra has given catchy tunes.

What have you learned from your experiences?
Definitely, we learn something from every film. My earlier film ‘Laddu Babu’ is not a comedy film. It’s a feel good movie. But, we failed to convey it to the audiance properly. Therefore, for ‘Brother of Bommali’, from the starting itself we are telling that Karthika is not a heroine, she is playing a sister role.

Can you tell us about your direction?
My directional venture will be in 2017. I’ve already started the script.

What about your 50th film?
I feel 50th film is just like my earlier films, but audience expectations have grown with the number 50. And their expectations have increased my fear. At present, I’m doing ‘Bandipotu’. Meanwhile, a film with A TV is also on sets. Story was not yet finalized for my 50th film. If everything goes to I could start shooting for the film without informing anyone and silently we will bring it to the audience.

Can you tell us something about ‘Brother of Bommali’?
'Brother of Bommali' is out and out entertainer, with very good comedy and little sentiment. This time, I’ve taken due care for the good outcome of the film. Therefore, it will not disappoint anyone. Audience will enjoy the film for sure.

Updated on April 23, 2020