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Comedian Raghu Karumanchi Interview


Comedian Raghu Karumanchi, who forayed into Telugu Film Industry with ‘Aadi’ in 2002, has acted in over 150 films so far. Marking the occasion of his birthday on May 12, he took some time out of his day to share his experiences through the media.

Please introduce yourself to the readers?
I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. My father is a retired Army Officer and mother is a housewife and I’ve a brother. He is running a fabrication industry. I did MBA and worked in a software company.

How did you get interested in films?
Directors VV Vinayak and Surendar Reddy are my good friends since 1995. Acting was not my dream. I didn’t even watched the shooting of any film. When VV Vinayak had got the opportunity to direct ‘Aadi’, he offered a role to me. Basically, I’m a big fan of NTR and his grandson is playing the lead in that film. That made me to say yes to the movie and from then my cine journey started.

What is the reason behind to take up the comedy characters?
I always be in jovial mood and I can speak in different accents. I’ve grip on all accents like Telangana, Rayalaseema and Srikakulam. I used to tease beautiful young girls by calling them Akka. VV Vinayak has recognised the comedy angle in me and given me the opportunity as comedian in his first film.

What has been your turning point?
I’ve started my journey in 2002 and I did 38 films till 2010. I got good name with ‘Adurs’ in 2010. After ‘Adurs’ I did nearly 120 film so far. I’ve acted in 25 film with star heroes just in the year 2014. That is my biggest achievement in my life. But, I didn’t get the opportunity to act with Paean Kalyan and Balakrishna. I hope I will get that opportunity in 2015.

You did many TV shows, right! 
I did several TV shows in 2003. I did nearly 1800 episodes and many programs like short films, mini movies and daily serials. I’ve learned a lot from TV. I’ve reached home audience with a popular TV program Jabardasth. I did 27 episodes and 27 getups. I felt that I will get good opportunities through Jabardasth show. But I was wrong and therefore didn’t continue that show.

How do you feel about competition in the industry as a comedian?
Comedians have lot of competition in the film industry and the Telugu film industry has 120 comedians. To do comic role is extremely challenging. The more skilled an actor is, the more likely it is for him to be chosen over others.

Are there any particular heroes that you are looking forward to work with?
No matter how big or small or new or experienced the hero is. I like to works with all heroes. Every hero has fans. But, I didn’t get the opportunity to act with Paean Kalyan and Balakrishna. I hope I will get that opportunity in 2015. I also wanted to act in the direction of Trivikram and Boyapati Srinu.

Would you like to sum up your character in ‘Kick 2’ in couple of words?
I played an emotional role in ‘Kick 2’. I’ve received appreciations for my role. I’ll appear in a negative shade in Puri Jagannath’s upcoming film. I’ve loosed my weight for that.

What are your upcoming projects?
10 films are ready for release. Other than those, I’m working in Ram Charan, Gopichand, NTR and Mahesh Babu’s films. I’ve been wanting to produce a film with NTR as hero. I’m extremely confident that I will definitely do a film with him.

Updated on April 21, 2020