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Seerat Kapoor Interview on Tiger


Bollywood lass Seerat Kapoor, who made her debut in recent times with successful film ‘Run Raja Run’, has played the female lead role in Sundeep Kishan and Rahul Ravindran starrer ‘Tiger’. An interview was taken with Seerat Kapoor as his latest film ‘Tiger’ is releasing on June 26th. Here are the excerpts:

How do you feel about Telugu film industry? 
Really very nice. I did two films in Telugu. I was received well in both the sets. Everyone here going systematically. I observed friendly atmosphere here. I’m thankful to Telugu audience for encouraging me.

You have done modern role in your first film? How you appear in this film?
There is lot of difference between ‘Run Raja Run’ and ‘Tiger’. I have done modern role in my first film, while I appear in a traditional attire in this film.

Would you like to sum up your character in couple of words?
I played Ganga who is Vishnu’s girlfriend. Rahul Ravindran played Vishnu role. I hate Tiger which is played by Sundeep Kishan. The film is the emotional drama between three characters.

Tell us about the on-set experience with your co-stars Rahul Ravindran and Sundeep Kishan?
Both are good friends of mine. Both are jovial in the sets. Rahul has good attitude. Sundeep is a very friendly guy. He acts in different styles and was open to improvise. He helps a lot in the sets. He is very jovial before the shooting and when shooting starts he transforms into the character immediately.

What are your next projects in Telugu?
Currently I’m working for a film with Sumanth Ashwin. Two more films are in talks.

Have you learned Telugu?
I can understand Telugu, but I will try my best to speak.

Updated on April 21, 2020