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Koratala Shiva Interview on Srimanthudu


The most awaited family action entertainer ‘Srimanthudu’ starring Superstar Mahesh Babu, is all set to hit screens worldwide on August 7. Super Star Mahesh Babu, who entertained audience and fans with the recently released films like ‘Dookudu’ and ‘Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’, is playing the lead role in the film. Koratala Siva, who crafted super hit film ‘Mirchi’, has handled the direction department for this most prestigious film. The film which is being made with this crazy combination has already upped expectations among audience and the industry alike. Koratala Siva has crafted the film with all elements which Mahesh Babu Fans will look for. Yerneni Naveen, Yalamanchili Ravi Shankar and CV Mohan are jointly producing the film with high budget and high technical values under MB Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Mythri Movie Makers banners. Gorgeous actress Shruti Haasan is paired opposite Mahesh Babu in this movie. Devi Sri Prasad composed the music.  Actor Jagapathi Babu plays the role of Prince’s father. On the eve of film’s release on August 7, Koratala Siva shared his views. Here are some excerpts:

What is the reason behind to select the title ‘Srimanthudu’?
We have not finalised the title before the start of the film. The story of the film revolves around a rich man’s life and therefore we have decided the title ‘Srimanthudu’. As heard on news we have not selected any other title.

How did Mahesh react after watching the film?
He was very excited and impressed by the script. He said that it is very interesting that we can pass a message with a commercial approach. He suggested us to direct the film without changing even a single scene.

What inspired you to write this story?
I used to read news since my childhood that some NRI build a school in some village or did some good things for their village. Some wealthiest persons like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are also donating huge amounts for the poor. I felt that this is the real heroism. I’ve readied the story of the film ‘Srimanthudu’ based on such stories.

How was the working experience with Mahesh Babu?
It was very extraordinary. Each and everyone in the team have worked for the film for nearly six months. It was a wonderful experience.

Have you faced any problems in making the film?
No! Never! I haven’t faced any problems. We have filmed each scene in different locations. There were some problems regarding locations and that’s all.

Can you tell us a bit about the plot?
The story of the film revolves around a rich man who has simple and normal nature.

You have presented Mahesh in very stylish look. Right?
Usually, I like to be stylish. I will take due care to present the hero in a stylish way according to the hero characterization. That’s why hero looks very simple in one angle and at the same time he appears in a stylish look. And coming to ‘Srimanthudu’, I tried to present Mahesh Babu in normal look. However, Mahesh is basically a handsome hero and therefore he looks stylish in the film.

Does Mahesh played college student role in the film?
According to the story hero goes to college due to some situations. You have to watch it on the screen about what the situation are.

In your own perspective, what’s the difference between writer and producer in you?
As a writer, I will explain the script to the director and producer. Writer has to write the script in director point of view. As a director if I carve it as a film, audience will see on the screen directly what I wanted to say. We can present some things on the screen without any tension. Sometimes we have to take due care. I feel that the story should have a style but not for the director.

Tollywood is one industry where people believe in superstitions about second film jinx. Tell us your opinion?
No. I don’t care about such sentiments. I’m 100% confident about this film.

Did you feel any pressure while working on the script?
Everyone will have some pressure. Because there will be no focus on us during first film. But after the success of the first film the focus will be high. I was aware of that and so I have taken due care in preparing the script. I should tell one thing here. Generally I will take perfect care while penning the script. Once I complete the script, the next thing is just to go on the sets.

What care you have taken regarding technical team?
In the sets, I will be busy with my work. Our cameramen Madhi will take care of his block. He will set the block according to the scene. Similarly, Ramajogayya Sastry will write the lyrics as per the story requirement. Devi Sri Prasad also tries to impress audience with his music. I will expect good input from each and every technician. What will you say about Mahesh if you are a hero?
He is one of the best actor. As a writer and director, I always check the scenes whether it came out perfectly or not. Though I said ok for some scenes, Mahesh asked me to do once again for better output. I felt very happy for that. Mahesh has acted for each and every scene with great involvement.

Tell us few words about Jagapathi Babu’s character?
Jagapathi Babu played a wealthiest man. I approached him with the script after watching him in father role in ‘Legend’. He was very impressed by the script and immediately accepted to act in this. He has given wonderful performance. He will convince everyone in this film that no one can do better justice to his role than him. Sukanya played Mahesh’s mother role. Jagapathi Babu and Sukanya duo is once again paired up for this film after the classic ‘Peddarikam’.

Tell us about Rajendra Prasad’s role?
Rajendra Prasad played a village man role named Narayana. I loved his character. He too did with great involvement.

If you get the chance to remake the film in Hindi, will you direct it?
No. Usually I wouldn’t like to remake any film. They also approached me to remake ‘Mirchi’, but I said no because how can I say the already known story in a new way.

‘Srimanthudu’ is releasing in Tamil also, right!
Yes. ‘Srimanthudu’ is releasing in Tamil as ‘Selvandan’ on the same day. Audio will also be released in Tamil. Tamil dialogues and lyrics are being penned which suits to the Telugu lip movement. Producers are planning to release the film in Tamil in grand level.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?
Two scripts are in pipeline but it was not decided with which script and with whom I have to go ahead. After the release of ‘Srimanthudu’, I will decide about my next project.

Updated on April 21, 2020