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Ram Interview on ‘Shivam’


Ram is known as energetic hero. His energy is endless. He started his career with super hit film ‘Devadas’. Success or failure, it least bothers him. Recently he tasted yet another commercial success with ‘Pandaga Chesko’. Now, he is extremely confident that he will reach all sects of audience with ‘Shivam’ which is coming to the theaters on October 2. On the eve of film’s release, he took some time out of his day to share the film’s details with his fans through the media.

Could you brief a little bit about the film ‘Shivam’?
It’s a high voltage love story. The film will have all elements like love, comedy, sentiment and action. My character is Shiva, who is very aggressive and ready to do anything for his girlfriend. In simple words, if Shiva would have born before Devadasu and Majnu, they wouldn’t have failed in their love. The first song will describe that.

What are the highlights of the film?
We found and excellent story. Srinivasa Reddy has crafted it wonderfully. Songs stood as highlight for the film. Visually also, songs will be very impressive. The film will have cute love scenes.

Tell us about your working experience with Rashi Khanna? 
It’s true that I was in fix when they have planned to rope in Rashi Khanna for the female lead. What I did is, I put on some weight and she shed some and became balance. She is a good actress. She dances with great energy. Since ‘Shivam’ is a love story, hero and heroine roles have equal importance. At first she was a bit nervous and later she felt free.

Songs are receiving good response…
I asked Devi Sri Prasad to deliver a hit album at any cost. He has provided superb songs. Audio is receiving tremendous response from the music buffs.

Can we ask about your growth of beard?
Yeah. For my role in ‘Hari Katha’.

What care have you taken regarding getup for ‘Shivam’?
Yes. I’ve taken due care especially for costumes. I’ve bought costumes in Portugal. They should look youthful.

Srinivas Reddy is a new director. We have learnt that you were not impressed by the script at first?
He has problem with narration. But he executed it wonderfully.

Ravi Kishore said in a recent interview that Sravanthi Movies banner is surviving just because of Ram. What is your opinion on that?
My uncle Ravi Kishore garu is my big support, my backbone. I’m his son.

Tell us about your involvement in production department?
I look after some matters in our banner. If I feel that my uncle is spending more money, I will give break to that.

Will you feel depressed when your films’ response is not as good as you expected?
I was too young when I did ‘Jagadam’. I felt sad for three months. I didn’t even like to meet anyone. I felt like if my beloved girlfriend was rejected by my parents. I felt sad like a love failure guy.

Do you believe that you have reached your level?
No one can decide the level. It’s the waste of time to think about the place which changes every Friday. I don’t bother about level, I just think about scripts.

Can you tell us about your next coming up film ‘Hari Katha’?
It’s the story of a guy named Hari. 50% shooting has been completed. We are planning to bring the film to the audience in December.

How do you maintain friendly relationship with other heroes in the industry?
I maintain relationship with other heroes. But, not too close to anyone. I don’t feel free moving with anyone. I love to travel single. I love to spend time with my family members and with my childhood friends.

What about your interests in Tamil film industry?
Definitely, I’m going to do Tamil films. I entered into the Telugu film industry through ‘Devadas’. Likewise, I want to make my entry into the Tamil industry in a grand level.

Updated on April 21, 2020