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Ram talks about "Maska"


Devadas, Jagadam and Ready, two out of three having achieved tremendous success, the hero of all these films, Ram, is sitting pretty much a threat to the established ones and is expected to give a run for their money. Post, the successful ‘Ready’ MS Raju signed him for ‘Maska’ which after careful carving by B Gopal is scheduled to get released on January 14, a Sankranthi release. In this happy occasion Ram had a chat and some excerpts are

You are acting in a film called Maska. But do you practice Maska?
Yes! (heartily laughs) Whatever the short comings I had in applying ‘Maska’ in the beginning of the shooting, I got them corrected and became a ‘Master of Maska’ by the time the shooting ended. I now apply Maska to everybody.

What is the significance of Maska? Why the story wanted it?
Well! This is ‘Maska’ from your side. (laughs)  Don’t expect me to fall for it. Story has to be understood by watching the film.

You have worked with many top heroines. Is there anyone who you find impressive off screen?
Sorry, I’m not game for such off screen business.

Do you feel that it will be yet another Bobbili Raja as the director claims?
Yes! I remember my elders saying that I was fascinated by the song ‘Balapampatti’ and I was just three years old when Bobbili Raja was released.  It had such an impact on the people, particularly children.  Similarly we all expect this movie also to create an impression and the word ‘Maska’ is another attraction.

What do you feel about heroines?
The movie needed two heroines and hence we selected Hansika and Sheela. Initially we had some apprehensions about Sheela. But later she did extremely well in the short time she had to perform.  Hansika’s acting need not be described as she has already proved and also has a lengthy role to do in this film.

Can you say something about your experience with the director B Gopal?
Fortunately I’ve an extra experience on film-making due to my constant association with our home productions.  Thus I know the director’s positive and negative points. In the case of B Gopal I understood his abilities to do mass as well as youth kind of movies. He is a gem of a person with very good understanding.

What is you association with producer MS Raju?
My association with MS Raju goes a long way.  Infact, his son Sumanth and I are treated equally. He had shown keen interest in producing my first film which got stalled due to other projects. Now with success of Ready he had taken firm action to do a movie quickly with me as a lead hero.  And you are seeing ‘Maska’ now.

Have you created a niche for you with success in Ready?
See, I’ve given my best in Maska as I did in Ready and infact have learnt a bit of betterment and applied here.  I will not disappoint  the audience if there is any special expectation from me.

Can you tell us about your further programme?
Director Saravanan is keeping me busy for a project under my home productions.  As of now further projects have not yet been firmed up.

Updated on April 25, 2020