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Ram Pothineni – Interview


Ram Pothineni’s upcoming film ‘Vunnadi Okate Zindagi’ is readying for grand release on the 27th of October. The actor talks about his film and how close this character is to him and more…

Tell us about your character in the film?
I play the role of Abhiram. The film sees me in three stages of my life. My childhood, my college life and post that. It is a very interesting role that I play. Abhiram believes that we complicate our simple life. The way he views life is very interesting.

Isn’t this character similar to the one you played in Kishore Tirumala’s previous film?
Not really. Hari is totally different from Abhiram. Abhiram is a character whom I look up to. I see my role model in him. The way he speaks his mind is very interesting. His dialogues are close to reality. Abhiram is a guitarist. He leads a rock band in his college.

What does Abhiram want love of friendship?
I can’t reveal that. It would be telling you the climax. But this film is a lot about friendship. There are love stories as well in the film.

How was it shooting for this film?
When we were working on the pre-production of the film it did remind me of my childhood. We have had lots of discussion about the film. I like the whole process of discussing the film. I have discussed the film with my producer Sravanthi Ravikishore. There has been a lot of brain storming here. More than he being my producer it is like we are creative partners.

Devi Sri Prasad music, comment…
He is a good musician. We don’t have to tell him what kind of beats we want. Just explain the situation to him and he will come out with superb tunes.

What is your take on bilinguals?
Doing a bilingual is not easy task. Tastes differ and both Tamil audiences taste is different from that of Tollywood audience. I understand Tamil and when I watch a film I might like it. But when I watch the same film in Telugu the feeling is different.

Do failures deter you?
No. I analyse what went wrong with my film. What was it that I liked in it and why was it rejected by the audience? Films are made with confidence. I had such confidence for ‘Endukante Premanta’.

Future films?
I have heard a couple of stories. Nothing has been finalized. Once it’s done I will make the announcement.

Updated on April 18, 2020