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Being a class director, he narrated a mass story is what amazed me - Ram


Ram’s career has been on a very impressive role lately. He is ready with his latest flick ‘Ongole Githa’ through which he had an impeccable experience working with a class director who portrayed him as a complete mass hero. Excited about the release of his film on February 1st, the energetic handsome hunk spoke to the media about his working experience on ‘Ongole Githa’ which represents whole new look and attitude for the star. Here are some excerpts:

Being a class director, he narrated a mass story is what amazed me:
As Bhaskar narrated the story of ‘Ongole Githa’, I was amazed by it because I saw him as a class director only and he narrated a massRam about ONgole Githa storyto me.  But I was able see his mark in every bit of the story. The bond between father and son were wonderfully portrayed in his films and this film is no exception.  I’ve not done this kind of film before.  That’s the reason why I chose to work with Bhaskar.

Ongole Githa is the perfect title for my character:
‘Ongole Githa’ is the perfect title for the character I’m playing.  It’s the story about a young guy who finds new ways to respond to situations that trigger his guts.  He will not mind pushing things aside that comes along the path he chose to move forward.  The scenes involving me with the characters of Prakash Raj, Prabhu and Kriti Karbanda are the main strength to this story.

Kriti gave an excellent performance:
Most of my co-stars are elder to me except for Tamannah and Hansika.  However, I ensure that my onscreen chemistry with my heroines works out well.  Kriti gave an excellent performance as a bigheaded girl. She has got a good role to play in this film.

I believe that our efforts will not go waste:  
Colourful sets are designed to capture even the garbage in a beautiful way because that’s how our audiences like to see it on big screen. But quite contrast to that, ‘Ongole Githa’ was filmed on natural background.  We really struggled hard to shoot the film in Mirchi market yard in hot summer.  So I believe that our efforts will not go waste.  One song was picturised in a folk style which will be the main attraction.

Each film taught me a different lesson:
Each film taught me a different lesson.  Infact I was happy with the results of ‘Jagadam’ and ‘Endukante Premanta’.  I’ve learnt a lot about acting and films from the directors I’ve worked with.  Bhaskar’s style is different.  He wants to shoot the scene at once, no matter how big is the scene because he doesn’t like to fix small bits into one.

Kandireega boosted my confidence level:
I did ‘Kandireega’ exactly during the time I desperately wanted a minimum guarantee film. That film has boosted my confident level.  According to me, choosing a story that has commercial elements is not a bad idea.  We need to dance and fight to entertain the mass audiences.  However the thought of prominence of the story to whole movie will always remain in my mind.  10% of our contribution is sufficient for a powerful story, but at the same time if the story is weak, lot of gimmicks are needed to make it a box-office success.

I’m doing Bol Bachchan because Venkatesh garu is part of it:
The filmmakers will get the opportunity to think different only when multi-starrer films get encouragement.  I’m going to work with Venkatesh garu in the remake of ‘Bol Bachchan’.  I haven’t watched the film before I agreed for this project.  But one fine day he called me over phone and asked me to watch the film. “The movie is fantastic.  Let’s do together”, he said.  His style is different when it comes to comedy.  I’m doing this film only because Venkatesh garu is part of it.”

Updated on April 25, 2020