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It will be 3 films this year including Kandireega - Ram


The hero, who attracted the masses with his very first film ‘Devdaas’, has different thoughts on different things related to movies. His contention is that all movies that succeed do not mean an achievement and at the same time he is very humble in saying that he learns from each film and tries to deliver the best out of him for all the movies. He sets a bench mark by saying that if there are 10 stories from a script writer, he must be in a position to do atleast 8 comfortably. Having tasted the success in ‘Ready’ and ‘Maska’, Ram is now presenting his audience with ‘Kandireega’ which will hit theaters sometime in July. Today being his birthday, he shared a few thoughts with the press. Some excerpts are:

So what are your plans for this birthday?
Nothing special.  I’m not a party type and I do not like all those attention either.  Last year I was able to deliver ‘Rama Rama Krishna Krishna’ for my birthday, but this year ‘Kandireega’ got delayed.  

Why is this long gap, any specific reasons?

Of late, I started ensuring clear details and pakka script before taking a plunge into the movie.  Thus I had taken time to finalise on ‘Kandireega’ after going through many scripts.  From now onwards, I intend to do more films in a short period.  It will be 3 films in 2011 including ‘Kandireega’.  

What are the other two films apart from Kandireega?

I’m going to do a film under Karunakaran’s direction which kicks off in July.  And I’ve also signed for another film under the direction of Gautham Menon which will be a bilingual one.  Through this I will also be introduced in Tamil.  So I’m waiting for August for the formal start of the film.  

What is your capability of handling Tamil?

Since I was brought up in Chennai, I’ve good command over Tamil also. I’m sure that I will be able to do good in Tamil as well.  For your information, my ‘Rama Rama Krishna Krishna’ has been dubbed into Tamil.  In Gautham Menon’s film, I’ll be dubbing with my own voice.

How did you finalise doing ‘Kandireega’?

As I said before, due to certain bad experiences, after ‘Ganesh’, I felt that I should not do movies with new directors. So I took a pretty period of 7 months to go through various scripts, 17 to be precise to short list the right script.  Finally it was a story of Santosh Srinivas which compelled me to jump into the project.  With the cinematography background, Santosh was able to craft the film perfectly.   

Can you give us some idea about Kandireega?
In general the comedy once heard will not be that interesting to hear again.  But in the case of ‘Kandireega’ it’s not like that.  It has enough of mass masala that will keep entertaining the audience repeatedly.  The story is about a young lad with eccentric personality.  This movie will hit theaters in July.  

How do you get along with other heroes in the industry?

There is a very healthy competition between the heroes at the same time a very friendly atmosphere prevails in the environment.  We even watch each others films and discuss about them.  At times we discuss some developments after watching such movies.  At the same time I concentrate on my developments and constantly keep thinking of what to do next rather than worrying about what others have done.    

Do you intend to do multi-starrer films?
Yes, I would definitely do a multi-starrer film provided the filmmakers narrate me a complete script and my characterization in detail.  I do not want myself to be involved in one such project in which the script will be developed after shooting a part of the film.  

All young heroes are getting married one after the other.  Do you have any plans this year?  

We can’t predict the success or failure of a film, and so as marriage.  Will let you know once it gets fixed.  

Do you prefer love marriage or an arranged marriage?

I would certainly prefer a love marriage.  But right now I’m still dedicated to my work and hence I don’t want to rush into anything now.       

Updated on May 15, 2011