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‘Ippatlo Ramudila Seethala Evaruntaarandi Babu’ Is A Romantic Crime Spicy Entertainer: Director Venkatesh K


Young director Venkatesh K has carved out ‘Ippatlo Ramudila Seethala Evaruntaarandi Babu’ which depicts the lifestyle of present youth. This youthful romantic crime spicy entertainer features Prasanth, Mahidhar, Lalitha and Ishita in the lead roles. Prasnarth Thatha is producing the film under Venkatesh K direction with baby Aamuktha as presenter. All formalities related to the film have been completed and the makers are planning to release the film soon. On this occasion, an interview has been given by the director Venkatesh K. Here are few excerpts from his interview.

How did you choose the title ‘Ippatlo Ramudila Seethala Evaruntaarandi Babu’?
We have chosen the title as per the story requirement. The title will be perfect apt to the story. You will now it we you watch the film.

Tell the audience a little bit about the film ‘Ippatlo Ramudila Seethala Evaruntaarandi Babu’?
Two college students are habituated to luxury life and so turns into thieves. They traps few girls and women by finding their weaknesses. They romance with them and stole valuable things from the girls. The girls are being killed one after one. Who killed them and why? Makes the story of the film. Interval scene and climax scene will be very fresh which we have not seen so far in any film. That is why the film is called as youthful romantic crime spicy entertainer.

Is there any real incident that inspired you to make this film?
I agree the story is a fiction. But, the scenes and characterization will be realistic. The film goes on in a realistic way. I would make realistic films in future also.

What kind of message are you trying to pass through this film?
In my opinion, there is no one here to take any message. I am not giving any message through this film. The film depicts how girls and guys, who habituated to romance, get caught into crime. The film will have all commercial elements along with love and pain.

About his working experience with the produce, he described, “Prasnarth Thatha is the producer. He is my good friend. He was very impressed by the script and made the film richly without compromising in any aspect. He has great passion on films.

We would like to hear from you about the response for the audio?
We have introduced a new music director named Ramesh D. He has given four superb songs. Recently released songs and teaser is receiving tremendous response in social media. Background score given by Josyabhatla will stand out as special attraction to the film.

What is the reason behind to choose such a bold subject as your first film?
I like to do this kind of natural subjects and therefore I have chosen this. I would make realistic films in future also. The film is loaded with all emotions in romance along with love and crime. Common man or factionist everyone finally enjoys romance and therefore I have chosen this kind of subject. I can’t say if I earn fame or not through this film, but I am confident that everyone will say that I have wonderfully presented the lifestyle of present youth.

Tell us about the response from censor board members?
As the romance in the film is in peaks, the film has received ‘A’ certificate. They suggested few cuts and mutes. I didn’t try to make the film boldly, I made like that as per the story requirement.

By seeing the stills and teaser, everyone is comparing your film with Bollywood’s Mahesh Bhatt’s films. How do you feel?
Yes. It is true the film is loaded with full romance like Mahesh Bhatt’s films. This might be the first full-length romance film in Telugu. ‘Ippatlo Ramudila Seethala Evaruntaarandi Babu’ will be like a feast for audience who are looking for such kind of films. Comparing my film with his films is really a wonderful feel.

Tell us about your next projects?
We are planning to release the film in March. I will start my new venture in March. We will soon announce the details of my next film.

Updated on April 18, 2020