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‘Lanka’ Is Totally A Different Film From All Films Which I have Done So Far In My Career- Raasi


‘Lanka’ which features yesteryear beautiful heroine Raasi, is all set to hit screens in a grand level on April 21. Raasi played the key role in this heroine-centered thriller, directed by Srimuni and produced by Namana Dinesh and Namana Vishnu Kumar on Rolling Rocks Entertainments banner presented by Namanam Sankara Rao and Sundari. On the eve of film’s release, an interview has been given by the beautiful actress Raasi. Here are the excerpts:

About the story and her character in the film, the actress said, “I played heroine for over 75 films in my career and all roles are in the same genre. ‘Lanka’ is totally a different film. You will see me in a contrast look. My appearance and acting is very different and fresh. A 40 year old lady, a telepathic person, leads her life alone. In the meantime, she meets heroine. Heroine possessed by me or I was possessed by her-makes the story of ‘Lanka’. The story of the film revolves around six characters. It is known fact to everyone that there is no safety for women. The story is based on the same concept. I played with my natural face without any makeup. My curly hair also brought new look to my character in the film.”

Further speaking, Raasi added, “At first, I was a bit hesitant to do the role as mother. But with the request of Srinu garu, who said that it will be good if the face is familiar to Telugu people, I accepted the role. I played heroine mother in ‘Kalyana Vaibhogame’. At first, I rejected the offer as my role is the film is very small to perform. But later the film’s shoot got delayed and I too liked the role and did. ‘Lanka’ is my comeback film.”

Talking about her re-entry and reality shows, the actress confessed, “As a heroine, we need to take due care. But, in this age we need to choose beneficial roles. I do not mind acting in mother and sister roles. I have interest to work for reality shows. But I don’t have much knowledge on those shows. I will definitely do if any come my way.”

On heroines of present generation, she opined, “Of late, there is much change in technology and facilities to heroines. There are no caravans in our generation. We used to take rest under a tree and provided with fans or coolers. Today’s heroines are earning what we had taken for a film, per a day. Present famed heroines are leading a happy life.”

Speaking to the media, Raasi said, “On the occasion of my daughter’s birthday, I took my daughter and went to meet Pawan kalyan as I know him from long. Unfortunately, I was asked as appointment. Actually, Pawan Kalyan is uninformed about my arrival and therefore I kept on waiting outside. After knowing the message, Pawan kalyan came out, personally greeted me and took us inside. I spent more time with him with the reason of my daughter more than ‘Gokulamlo Seetha’ times. I felt very happy while exiting his home for such warm receiving. He is the same kind of person as before.”

“Right now, I don’t have any films. Presently waiting for ‘Lanka’ release,” says Raasi.

Updated on April 18, 2020