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SS Rajamouli Interview on Baahubali 2


Baahubali 2 is just a day away from release. Director S S Rajamouli talks about the film and much more...

Excitement, tension?
It's pure tension now. When I was working for the movie it was pure excitement.

What works in Baahubali 2?
I think its the characterizations. The grandeur and richness follows. Any cinema would be termed great if the audience remembers its characters for a long time. I would credit all this to my father Vijayendra Prasad, who wrote such powerful characters.

So is Baahubali 2 a sequel?
I would not call it so. It is one story divided into two parts as the story could not be told at one stretch. Initially we thought that the second part will be released within 4-6 months after the release of the first part. But it took 20 months. It took 5 years for both the parts in total.

Did you ever think Baahubali will become so massive?
Never! I wanted a surprise element at the end of first part. But, why Kattappa killed Baahubali became a national question. It was there everywhere. For me this film is very satisfying. In this film its not the hero alone who got popular, there are other characters as well who became vital. Not only in India, but in countries like South Korea too Baahubali went on to become famous.

Who would you credit the success with?
This film was possible because of my producers because they believed in me. Secondly my family who stood by me always. Thirdly, Prabhas who is the soul of this movie.

Has this movie changed you in any way?
Yes I have changed as a person. I am very proud of his film. But when I go out of my way , my wife and my sister in law bring me down. So I am always brought to ground when I go overboard.

Will you be making a movie on Mahabharatha?
I don't think so. I really do not have that skill or energy. But you never know what future holds.


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Updated on April 18, 2020