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Ravi Teja - Interview about Nela Ticket


Ravi Teja and Malavika starrer ‘Nela Ticket’ is going to be released on May 25. Ahead of the release of the film, the actor talks about his film and why he relates to it.

I myself was a ‘Nela Ticket’ guy:
I have watched many films on Nela Ticket. Almost all people from the previous generations were all Nela Ticket guys. There was only one theatre at my grandmother’s village and I used to watch films sitting on a sand at touring talkies.

Many of this generation may not know what Nela Ticket means:
You will understand why we have chosen the title once you watch the film. Hero in the film sees himself as a Nela Ticket guy since his childhood. Many of the present generation guys may not know what it means and they are asking their elders to explain what Nela Ticket is.

‘Nela Ticket’ will impress everyone:
I am sure the film will impress all sects of audience. Not just for Nela Ticket audience, the film is for everybody. Even audience sitting in the balcony will love to whistle. Director Kalyan Krishna’s first film had a mass touch and his second film was with class touch. Nela Ticket is a blend of both mass and class elements.

Hero in the film is an orphan:
He makes everyone his family. He mingles with everyone and he loves to be like that. The story is laced with the dialogue ‘Chuttu Janam Madhyalo Manam’ and I hope it will stand out as a strong base for the film.

Only the director’s treatment is different:
To say particularly, there’s no new story. Only the director’s treatment is different. The film will have the style of all Kalyan Krishna’s earlier films. Each and every character in the film and the emotions between them will be very impressive.

The aspect which attracted me to do the film was my role:
The story deals with old people and that has impressed me to do this film. Hero takes care of the senior citizens completely. I personally am that type of person and against the people who abandon their parents.

Kalyan Krishna was supposed to do this as his debut film:
Kalyan Krishna I was supposed to do this film long ago. But I couldn’t do because of my prior commitments. I asked him to take up any other project in the meantime if he gets any good opportunity. The he got the opportunity to work for ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ and later he did ‘Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam’ with Chaitanya. Our combination has worked now.

If script is impressive than I am ready to work with anybody:
There is no young or senior for me. I will have no qualms about doing a film with debut director if the script is good. New-generation directors are coming and doing good films. Film industry needs many such new directors. The reason for the gap in the recent two years is, I didn’t find interesting projects.

About heroine character and working with Ram Talluri:
Malavika Sharma has given wonderful performance. Her role has great importance in the film. Producer Ram Talluri is very practical and frank person. He has great passion for films. His qualities has impressed me a lot. He entered in the film industry not to make profits. I would like to work with him again and again.

About his next projects:
As of now, I don’t want to discuss about my project which is with the director VI Anand. I will discuss about that when it is ready for release. Quite a few films are in talks. I will announce the details soon.

Let’s hope ‘Nela Ticket’ will be one more milestone in Ravi Teja’s film career.

Updated on April 18, 2020