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Ravi Teja


He has gained everybody's appraisal in his acting. Ravi Teja is now acting in the movie Idiot, O Chantigaadi Premakatha. Doesn't the title sound different? He has acted in many movies. He was recognized even well in the recent hit Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam. Paving his way into success. This idiot. Sorry! Sorry!, this actor Ravi Teja gave his interview to Ragalahari.

Did you come into the field with sheer interest in movies?
Ever since I was a child, I was crazy about movies. It has been my dream to act. I did not concentrate on my studies. Everybody used to laugh at my expense after knowing what my ambition was. There have also been circumstances when my father scolded me.

How do you think is your personal character?
Iam a happy go lucky kind of a guy. I speak my mind out very frankly and openly and expect others to behave in the same way. I do not believe in wooing people to get my work done. All these put together makes up my character.

How did you get a chance in movies?
I was hoping to fetch a small role in the movies. I use to go around the cinema offices since 1989. I tried my luck until 1993, but in vain. Nobody gave me a role. I then decided to turn my ambition towards directing. I was an assistant director to Krishna Vamsi's movie Ninne Pelladataa. Then I was given a chance as an actor in Krishna Vamsi movie Sindhooram.

What do you think Krishna Vamsi liked in you?
May be he liked the fact that I am always jovial. He thought it might suit the character in the movie. The actors in Sindhooram were all new. Though it did not fair very well in the box office, I was the only one who was recognized for my talent as an actor.

Did you learn acting?
No, I did not learn acting. I developed the skill of acting by myself. Right now, Iam acting with the same confidence in me.

How did you have the confidence to enter into the cinema field with out knowing any body?
I am crazy about movies. My father for having done that neglected me. My self-confidence in acting drove me into the cinema field. Though I was forced by disappointment in the beginning, Iam happy right now.

How about your education?
I was born and brought up in West Godavari. I studied my degree in Siddhartha College in Vijayawada, where I picked up my Telugu language.

How is the encouragement you get at home?
Right now, I have been encouraged a lot. My father is a Pharmacist and my mother is a housewife. Though Iam the eldest child, I was discouraged in the beginning, now every one is very joyful with me.

The behavior of a hero changes as according to his success and position. Why do you think so?
People do change according to the circumstances they are placed in. That is human nature, but I will always remain the same jovial and fun loving.

How are you received at your hometown?
I am showered with their affection. Everybody receives me very warmly.

When is your date of birth?
26th January.

I have noticed free movement in your action. Can you tell us more about it?
I really don't know how I developed this. Many fans have told me about this.

Why was the same not seen in Nee Kosam?
I have done it deliberately. But the same was not received well by the audience. It gave an experience to act in an emotional love story.

Have you waited to act in Jagan's movie for one year?
I have been offered various roles after Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam. But, I did not like any of the stories. That is I waited for Jagan's new movie, Idiot.

Did you like action movies or silent love stories?
I would like to act in any movie with a good story line. But I would love to act in an action movie .

Which actors impressed you the most?
I watch movies in all languages. I like Chiranjeevi, Amitabh, Govinda, Rajanikanth and Mohanlal.

How was your meeting with Puri Jagannath?
Jagan used to wish me wherever we faced each in the movie sets. He recognized my talent as an actor. Ever since we made the movie Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam, we became close friends.

How were you offered a role in Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam?
It is only because of Jagan that I got into the movie. I was a zero before that movie and Jagan's Baachi went for a flop. In the beginning every one rejected me. Nut later, Jagan accepted me as an actor.

How was your experience in Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam?
Great and wonderful experience. I cannot express anything more that that in words.

Who are your favorite directors?
Baapu, Balachandran, Vamsi, Krishna Vamsi and Jagan.

Name the most unforgettable people in your life?
Krishna Vamsi And Jagan. One has recognized my talent as an actor and the other gave me success and paved my way to becoming a successful actor.

What if you are given a negative role?
Yes. I would like to take up such roles like Rajashekar's Talambraalu and Ajit's role in Vaali.

What is your dream role?
There are many dream roles that I would like to play. I can not pin point. But Would say, I like to play Sanjaydutt's role in Naam and Chiranjeevi's role in Mantrigaari Viyyankudu.

Are you selecting your roles according to the recent movie trends?
There is nothing like that. Audience will watch anything that is good. They watched Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam, Nuvvu Nenu and Nuvvu Naaku Nachaav. All three movies potray actors of three different age groups. Yet they were hits.

Right now most of the actors seem to disappear after acting in just one movie!
Yes. There might be many personal reasons behind each of these actors. They might not have been offered a role that they become as successful as Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna.

Do you take any suggestions from any senior artists?
Oh definitely. I would love to take any suggestions from anybody. If I do not know about something, I like to ask. I don't find fault in doing so even from a person who is younger than me.

Your hobbies?
I like to watch a lot of movies. I watch movies in all languages.

What are the -ve and + ve points in you?
People complement me on being very jovial. I don't find any faults in my self. That is only I don't find any negative points in me.

By the way, when do you plan to get married?
I have not thought about it until now.

Do you wish to have a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
Arranged marriage.

But you always act in Love stories!
Acting is so different from real life.

What are your new commitments?
Jagan's movie Idiot and in Vamsi's new movie.

Updated on July 18, 2005