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Samantha on 'Jaanu', retirement & more


Samantha has teamed up with Sharwanand for the Telugu remake of Tamil cult classic love story '96'. Sam has gotten into the shoes of Trisha, who did a wonderful job and comparisons between them are inevitable. The film, directed by C Prem Kumar, releases on 7th February. Samantha talks about the comparisons, her retirement, Sharwanand, negative role in 'The Family Man 2' web-series and more.

Journey of 'Jaanu'
'Jaanu' primarily revolves around two characters. I've acted in many big films so far and worked with more than 30 artists for some scenes. But this movie is quite different compared to those movies. The performance of the lead pair is important for this movie and risk factor is more. It's a great team effort. I understood that some sort of magic was happening on the sets on the first day and that magic continued everyday. Going by that, 'Jaanu' is already a big success. I enjoyed every day of the film's shoot. I believe I gave my 100 percent for the movie and I'm sure audiences will feel that magic after the film releases.

Did not meet Trisha
I had not met Trisha during the film's shoot. I didn't know that Dil Raju garu had bought the film's remake rights. I watched '96' like an audience. Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha acted wonderfully. Many talked about Vijay Sethupathi. But I believe it's Trisha's movie. I wrote on my Twitter handle that that the film shouldn't be remade. I tried to avoid Dil Raju garu telling different reasons, knowing that he wanted me to act in the remake . Because, I knew that I wouldn't be able to say no if Dil Raju garu meets me. But when he approached me again, I said I will be do the film. I would have missed doing a good film had I said no to him. I would have regretted a lot. It has turned out to be a special film in my career.

Didn't copy
I did not try to copy Trisha when I was shooting for this movie. I watched '96' only once. I didn't try to watch the film again. Trisha acted excellently and it wouldn't have worked out, had I tried to copy her performance. I understood the concept of 'Jaanu' and acted accordingly. Director Prem said that my performance is different compared to that of Trisha's. Everyone will agree that I acted in a different way after watching the film. 'Oh Baby' is a remake of a Korean movie. But '96' is a Tamil movie and many have watched that classic love story. Remaking such a love story is not an easy job. The director of the original worked for the Telugu remake too and that gave me confidence. Not only youth, everyone will relate to this movie. I came to know the backstory of 'Jaanu' through the film's director. I worked hard to bring that to screen. I discussed a lot with the director before doing every screen.

Can't imagine anyone else
The performances of the lead pair are important for this movie. The performance one depends on the other's. We encouraged each other a lot to give the best performance. I can't imagine any other actor in the role of Ram. I am not sure if the magic would have been created if some other actor has played that role.

On doing back to back performance oriented roles
A role will stay in the hearts of the audiences only if we, the actors, do them facing challenges. It's been ten years since I entered this industry. I might act for only two more years. But I want people to talk about me even after I stop acting. I've been doing performance roles only for that. So far, I've never acted in a movie for money. I've acted only to get good name. I only consider how my role gets connected to the audiences. Money will come automatically (laughs). The shell life of a heroine is very less in this industry and only some actresses will be remembered and considered an inspiration. I'm happy that I am one among them. Not only acting, I also make sure no one gets hurt when I was doing a film. Not only reviews, my team members also should be positive.

When I had signed 'Rangasthalam', I didn't know much about the story. I only got to know the details of my role. I did different films like 'Eega'. It was my investment back then and the result is the performance oriented roles I have been getting. So, I give my 100 percent for every movie.

Retirement & Chaitanya's support
It's not about retiring. But I've done many roles so far. I'm also married. I want a family now. I know Chaitanya for 10 years. We understand and support each other in everything.

Naga Chaitanya's reaction on remaking '96'
Chaitanya and I watched '96' together. We decided then that we shouldn't remake that film. But after seeing the response to the teaser and trailer, my opinion has changed a bit. After the film's release, everyone will agree with me that the magic is re-created.

Will get disconnected
I will definitely feel bad if I don't get appreciation for my performance in a movie. Like Vamsi Paidipally said, I consider every film as my first film and fear that my career will be over if a film doesn't work. For example, I was very tensed before the release of 'Oh Baby'. I get disconnected after a film gets good talk.

Web Series
I have acted in the season 2 of 'The Family Man' web-series. You will see a new Samantha with negative shades in that. I did action sequences. I got trained a lot and worked hard for action sequences. I understood how hard heroes work for action after doing those sequences. I didn't use body double even for one scene. Fight master Kamran trained me.

I will go on tours for promotions even if ten people buy tickets because of me doing that. A producer does films trusting me. I might skip the success meet, but I don't miss the promotions before the release.

I am in touch with my friends from school and college even now. They call me after watching my films.

Updated on February 7, 2020