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Jaanu Movie Review

February 7, 2020
Sri Venkateswara Creations
Sharwanand, Samantha, Tanikella Bharani, Vennela Kishore, Raghubabu, Thagubotu Ramesh, Sarnya, Gowri, Sai Kiran, Haasini, Sai Kiran Kumar, Gouri G Kishan, Madan Reddy, Bommali Lakshmana, Varsha Bollamma
Smt. Anitha
C Prem Kumar
Mahendran Jayaraj
Praveen K.L.
A Ramanjaneyulu
Mirchi Kiran
Subhashree Kaarthik Vijay
Nagarjuna & Sadhana Singh
David & Vasanth Gollamudi
Sirivennala Seetharamasastry & Sri Mani
Gowtham Bharadwaj, Chinmayee Sripada, Pradeep Kumar & Brinda
Stills Raja
S Alagiya Koothan & Suren G
Suren G
Accel Media
T Krishnaswamy
K S Rajasekharan
V Raghavan
Vamsi Kaka
Gopi Prasanna
Poonati Srinivasrao
B R Ravi Shankar & Saibabu Gopisetty
S K Zabeer
Jim Shamoon
Harshith Reddy
Rohith Reddy Podduturi, Kiran P & Sivakumar Selvaraj
G Chiranjeevi & A D Varaprasad
N Aravindan
Rambabu Kongarapi
Govind Vasanth
Dil Raju & Sirish
C Prem Kumar

'Jaanu', the remake of Tamil blockbuster '96', has released today. Starring Sharwanand and Samantha Akkineni in the leads, the film has been awaited with much anticipation. Has the movie, directed by C Prem Kumar and produced by Dil Raju, recreated the magic of the original? Read our review.


Ram (Sharwanand) is a wild life photographer, who travels around the world. He loves to 'freeze moments' and remains unmarried. A chance visit to his hometown in Vizag and the school where he studied, sends him down the nostalgia lane. He calls his friend (Vennela Kishore) and all his school friends in a whatsapp group plan a reunion in Vizag. After a long time, he meets his childhood sweetheart Jaanu (Samantha), who is now married, at the reunion. Fate has separated them when they were in school and the same destiny brings them together after a long time. Both of them try to fathom how they got separated and they find out some shocking facts.


Both Sharwanand and Samantha have performed extremely well. The film revolves around their characters and their performances make us root for the lead pair. Comparisons with Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha are inevitable but those who haven't watched the original definitely feel emotional watching Sharwa and Sam's performances. Sai Kiran and Gauri, who played young Sharwanand and young Samantha, have also performed very well. The other actors fit the bill.

Technical aspects

Govind Vasantha's songs are beautiful and they fit into the narrative well. They were beautifully captured. The cinematography is very good and the background music perfectly complements the visuals. The film is written beautifully and takes audiences on a nostalgic ride. The direction is excellent.

Plus Points

Beautiful moments
Sharwa & Sam's superb performances
Music & Cinematography

Minus Points

Few sections of audiences may not like slow narration


Love is the purest emotion and 'first love' is irreplaceable . Many filmmakers dealt it with in the past and were successful. 'Jaanu is also one such film. It is genuine love story and is executed well. It takes us on a trip down the memory lane and audiences experience a flood of emotions watching the movie as they remember their school days and 'first love'. The lead pair, Sharwanand and Samantha, get into the characters very well. They make us root for the lead pair. The genuineness in the story is the biggest plus. The slow narration may not appeal to some sections of the audiences. Audiences, who have watched the original, '96', may not enjoy the film as they are bound to compare both the films.

On the whole, 'Jaanu' is a beautiful, emotional love story. Watch it without making comparisons and you will definitely love this genuine love story.

Rating: 3.25/5