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Samantha Interview on A Aa


Samantha is super excited about her upcoming film A Aa. Her last film bombed and off late she has not been appreciated for the kind of roles she is doing. But wait! A Aa is different she says. Samantha gets deep into discussion about the film...

Tell us about A Aa?
Contrary to what everyone is thinking its not a woman oriented film. The heroine has a strong place in this movie.  The film has strong characters and it has a beautiful story. Its a different story altogether. Well narrated and deals with family relations. Though the story is not something new there is not a moment of cliche in A Aa. I am sure the audiences will love it.

What is your role?
For the first time I have tried comedy and I must tell you that it was very difficult. This is why I immensely respect comedians.

After all those big films how important is A Aa for you?
For everyone in the film its an important film. Each and everyone is different in this film. You can see Trivikram’s style of film making.

Nithiin is your good friend, how was it working with him?
It was difficult to act with him as he is my good friend. Getting romantic was not easy. But director Trivikram helped me a lot.

This is your third film with Trivikram. Did you accept this film because Trivikram is the director?
I don’t pick my roles based on the lead hero or the director of the film. I sign for the film based on how important my character is to the film. Here in this film every character is important. Relationship has good importance in this movie. Trivikram has helped me a lot in this film. He has got the best out of me. I have tried to imitate his good sense of humour.

Are you disappointed that Brahmotsavam failed?
The audiences have not like it and have given their verdict. I go by that.

Tell us about your upcoming films?
In Telugu I have Janatha Garage. And I will be acting in U-Turn which is a remake of a Kannada film. It will be released in Tamil and Telugu.

Updated on April 21, 2020