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Interview of Teja Sajja on 'Zombie Reddy'


Teja Sajja awaits the release of 'Zombie Reddy' on February 5. In this interview, he talks about the uniqueness of the film, working with director Prashanth Varma, his upcoming movies and more.

Varma garu could have worked with a star hero. But he wanted to do a crazy film. I latched on to the offer because there is no bigger fortune than getting to debut with a big director.

Besides the usual commercial elements, the film also has got zombies as an important element. This is a full-fledged comedy that the audience are surely going to love.

During the lockdown, changes to the script were made. The film went on the floors in February. There was the element of a virus in the story even then. When the shooting got halted, some suitable changes were made keeping in mind the coronavirus.

People now want to watch funny movies. There are satires, jokes in the movie. Varma garu knows how to show me on the silver screen. 'Kalki' had no comedy, but 'Zombie Reddy' is quite a contrast.

I had my doubts about my suitability for action scenes. Having watched the film, I can tell you that fight scenes are amazing. The fights are realistic.

Zombies make their way into the rivalry between two factions from Kadapa and Kurnool. It's not a horror film. Spooky elements are as funny as they are scary.

This is not a small film with a limited appeal. This has a big range and you will know it when the film releases. Besides the faction story, there are several other appealing elements. Zombie is the USP for sure.

I have discussed 'Zombie Reddy' with Samantha garu and Ravi Teja garu, among others. They were thrilled on listening to the story.

I am currently doing a fantasy love story. Prashant Varma garu has penned its story. I am also doing 'ISHQ' with Super Good Cinema.

Updated on February 1, 2021