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Interview of Teja Sajja about 'ISHQ'


Actor Teja Sajja awaits the release of 'ISHQ' on July 30. In this interview, the young actor talks about the film, why it's a special outing, teaming up with Mega Super Good Films, producer-distributor NV Prasad and more.

With theatre re-opening in theatres in the Telugu States on July 30, 'ISHQ' is coming out as the first post-locked release in Telugu. Cinema halls are going to adhere to covid protocols strictly.

Coming to the content of our movie, 'ISHQ' is totally different from the regular conventions. Right from the time the movie takes off, it's thrilling. The run-time is tight. It's not longer than 115 minutes. It's an edge-of-the-seat thriller with a new style of story-telling and making. You won't be bored even to a small extent.

We have made several changes to the Malayalam original, which was 2 hrs and 45 minutes. Their movies are slow-paced. On the other hand, 'ISHQ' is fast-paced.

Mahati Swara Sagar garu's BGM is fantastic. When it comes to movies like this one, the BGM has to be outstanding. And he has delivered a thrilling output.

I feel happy that I got to play a performance-oriented role so early in my career. In 'Oh Baby' and 'Zombie Reddy', I was good like everyone else. But 'ISHQ' will give me special recognition, given that it's a character-driven movie.

It's all about a good script. 'ISHQ' is going to be a new experience. Mega Super Good Films didn't do a Telugu film for 7 years. This is their 94th movie. They are also doing 'Lucifer' with Chiranjeevi garu. They did 'ISHQ' because they wanted to do a movie with a young actor like me. They are totally confident.

Although this is a romantic movie, 'ISHQ' doesn't cross the line anywhere. It caters to all sections of the audience and is a family movie. Director SS Raju garu has dealt with the story with diligence. A senior technician like Sam K Naidu garu has done the cinematography. It's a tight film with great paciness.

Good-content movies come by rarely. 'ISHQ' is engaging throughout. I am confident that my performance will be recognized by everyone. Big movies have high stakes. But 'ISHQ' is an easy release. That's why we are daring to release during the pandemic. NV Prasad garu and others have deliberated extensively and they know what they are doing.

I am lucky that a wide variety of subjects are coming my way. After 'Zombie Reddy', I have done a movie like 'ISHQ'. 'Oh Baby', once again, was totally different. In fact, 'ISHQ' came my way even before 'Zombie Reddy' came out in theatres. They had faith in me and I have lived up to their expectations.

Priya Prakash Varrier, the heroine of the movie, is a cool person. She is not conscious of her popularity at all.

'Hanu-Man' will complete its shoot later this month. I am hoping that it will be a turning point in my career. Although it's a superhero movie, it is completely Indianized. It has no mythological touch as such.

Updated on July 24, 2021