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Interview of Raj Tarun about 'Power Play'


'Power Play' is set to release in theatres on March 5. It stars Raj Tarun and 'Avunu' fame Poorna in key roles. In this interview, Raj Tarun talks about the film, what makes it different and more.

This is the first time I, my director (Vijay Kumar Konda), Dhanraj, the cinematographer and others have touched this genre. I and the director had been planning to do something different. We mooted four ideas and zeroed in on 'Power Play'.

The title was decided during the making of the movie. How powerful people game a common man is what the film is about. That's why the title. Moreover, since it is used in cricket, it has got a popular ring.

I play an innocent guy who gets embroiled in a crime he didn't commit.

'Power Play' is not entirely a serious film. The scenes are true to the story. There are no forced comedy scenes or songs. There is no mind game in the movie. But a few characters try to spoil the male protagonist's life.

I didn't do this movie because I wanted to consciously change my image. The film just happened to me.

'Orey Bujjiga' would have been served well with a theatrical release. Since it was a full-on comedy, it would have made for a very good communal experience. If the film is good, the audience will watch it in any mode.

Suresh Bobbili's background music has taken 'Power Play' to the next level. His work gave me goosebumps.

To be honest, I disconnect with my movies a day before it releases in theatres. I give my best and leave it to the audience. I have done all my flops with the hope that they will do well. I don't want to repeat the same old mistakes. That's what I can do. A lot of things have gone wrong in my career in the last few years. I don't want to blame this or that department for my failures. When a film flops, it affects not just the hero but also its director and other artists/technicians. Nobody understands the effort that goes into making a film.

I always ensure that the director is my best friend on set. It's crucial to develop a rapport with him.

I am doing a film under Annapurna Studios, which is almost complete. A movie by director Shanto is a rom-com with a difference. I am excited about it. I will be doing another film with Vijay Kumar Konda garu. It will be the remake of 'Dream Girl' (Hindi).

Updated on March 4, 2021