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Interview of B Kishor about 'Sreekaram'


Sharwnand's 'Sreekaram', says director B Kishor, is amassing so much respect all over. In this interview, he talks about the film, why he deems 14 Reels Plus as a special banner and more.

My family members were scared that I would turn a chef because of my interest in Hotel Management. But cinema was always my passion. I entered the film industry when I was 19. My parents knew my strengths and weaknesses. They sent me to the industry with full confidence.

Before making short films, I worked as an AD for a couple of films. I also teamed up with my friends on some projects.

'Sreekaram' is busy amassing respect, especially in B and C centres. It's a true-to-life film where the characters are relatable. I have come to know that a number of techies have quit the software sector to become farmers. They are able to save more although their earnings have come down. It's because their expenses have also come down. Nobody is talking about this aspect.

My journey with 14 Reels Plus has been great. Ram Achanta garu and Gopi Achanta garu are passionate producers. They make only meaningful movies. They don't mind biding their time if they don't get proper stories. 'Sreekaram' was possible only because they believed in my conviction and vision.

Before making a sincere film like 'Sreekaram', I wanted to make a point through a short film. That's why I made the short film 'Sreekaram', where the theme was conveyed effectively.

There are questions about the element of Covid-19 in 'Sreekaram'. It was included to make the film more relevant and timely. In the times of coronavirus, a lot of people are taking interest in farming.

Nowadays, audience are not showing interest in force-fed elements like humour. A film like Karthi's 'Khaidi' didn't have songs.

'Sreekaram' is realistic, be it the characters played by Sharwanand or the ones played by Rao Ramesh and Sai Kumar. I have come across a review which said that the review-writer came across someone like Rao Ramesh in real life.

I am getting a lot of appreciation from people in the industry. Many have called me up and appreciated my work. Megastar Chiranjeevi garu was shown 10-minute footage of the film, which he loved immensely.

Collective farming is a solution. That's what my film shows in a convincing way. It's possible to use drones for farming in the case of some crops. Whatever 'Sreekaram' wanted to convey, it has conveyed effectively.

I will be happy to team up with 14 Reels Plus once again.  

Updated on March 15, 2021