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Interview of Monish Pattipati about 'Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki'


Producer Monish Pattipati awaits the release of 'Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki' soon. In this interview, he talks about the film and why he took the plunge into movies. The film is a horror-comedy starring Adith Arun and Pujitha Ponnada.

I come from a family of film personalities. I am related to Pokuri Baburao garu (who is my grandfather) and Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao garu . I have formed a new banner by the name of MP Arts to produce 'Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki'.

The film is a horror-comedy. Mirchi Hemanth and Get-Up Srinu have played the sidekicks who travel with the lead pair. There is an interesting concept which is revealed in the climax of the film.

About 40 minutes of the film is full of CG. The film will release on June 11 due to extensive CG work. The director Chanakya has been a choreographer previously. Since he comes from such a background, he has ensured that the songs are special.

CG shots are to the tune of 40 minutes and post-production works are going on meticulously at the moment. Besides the devil, there are a number of other shots.

I had never planned to do the film in this genre. The film was shot in 40 days on a set erected at Nanakramaguda. Some scenes were shot on the Pataas house.

Pujitha was chosen because we wanted to rope in only a Telugu-speaking actress. We liked her performance in the audition. This is a family horror-comedy. You can expect beautiful songs in the movie.

My next film will be with Prasanna Kumar, who has already directed a movie in the past. We will announce the film for Ugadi. I like to be behind the screens. I participate in a lot of activities related to filmmaking. I will be doing a number of other genres as well under MP Arts.

Updated on April 1, 2021