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Interview of Ananya about 'Vakeel Saab'


Ananya will be seen in a key role in 'Vakeel Saab'. In this interview, she talks about the movie, working with Pawan Kalyan and director Venu Sriram and more. The film will release on April 9.

I have played a girl-next-door, mild-natured girl in the movie. Her ordeal evokes sympathy in the audience. It was Venu Sriram sir who first approached me. He had watched 'Mallesham' on Netflix and roped me in. He held an audition to test my look and voice.

I couldn't believe it when I bagged the movie. It took time for the great news to sink in. I had my doubts till I started the shoot. Once I started shooting for the movie, I started consciously feeling happy about it.

It was fun and inspiring to work with Pawan sir. He doesn't indulge in casual conversations. When 'Vakeel Saab' was being shot, Pawan sir was fighting for a girl who had killed herself in Andhra Pradesh. He once told us that he sends prayers to the Universe when he comes across injustice.

On the first day, I didn't speak anything in the presence of Pawan sir. He understood that I was reticent. He told me he had watched glimpses of 'Mallesham' to make me feel easy. I felt happy when he appreciated my performance.

Compared to Nivetha Thomas and Anjali, I am inexperienced. I don't see them as competitors. I learned from them. Nivetha's performance is quite intense in the movie.

I feel fortunate to have got to do a film like 'Vakeel Saab' early on in my career. While there is hard work, there is also a luck factor. I want to carve a niche for myself. There was some struggle before I could find a launchpad in films.

If the story is good and I have a performance-oriented role, I am fine with any character. I want to play bubbly roles while also doing performance-driven characters.

There still are sexist attitudes towards girls, although girls today have greater freedom compared to the past. Meaningful films like 'Vakeel Saab' convey the message that the mindset of men needs to change if women have to feel safe.  

Updated on April 6, 2021