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Interview of Ketika Sharma about Lakshya


'Lakshya' will be released in theatres on December 10. In this interview, actress Ketika Sharma talks about the film, working with Naga Shaurya, her future projects, and more.

The lockdown has worked in my favour. I am now having back-to-back releases which is nice. My third project is with Vaisshnav Tej. It's going to wrap up its shoot soon.

'Romantic' and 'Lakshya' belong to two different genres. I am very happy with how 'Romantic' was received by the audience. It was the last day of 'Romantic' shoot when 'Lakshya' came my way. Director Santosh Jagarlapudi wanted to have a word with me. I was excited to listen to the story. 'Romantic' had me in a glamorous role. In 'Lakshya', it's a girl-next-door character. The characterization is different, her approach to love life is different from how Monika behaved in 'Romantic'. 'Lakshya' gave me an opportunity to show variation in acting.

In 'Lakshya', I have played a morally righteous person named Ritika, who follows her heart. This is Pardhu's story. Pardhu (Naga Shaurya) is an archer whose dreams are supported by his girlfriend.

I got to learn a lot from Naga Shaurya, who is very experienced. I would take time to learn some lines. He would give me insights into editing and camera angles. He is a dedicated actor working with whom was an inspiring journey.

I have been a swimmer. My mom was a national champion in swimming. When you follow your heart, some people are not going to like you. Ritika in 'Lakshya' is not an easy-going girl. I can relate to her that way.

'Lakshya' is not a biopic. It is an emotional film revolving around archery, the sport. He has got a bun, 8-pack-abs in the movie. His acting is so good. My character is performance-oriented as well. It's a very fulfilling movie.

Archery has got a long history. In fact, it is mentioned in the Ramayana itself. 'Lakshya' explores its potential and history. I got to meet professional archers while doing this film. I also got to do a little bit of it. It's a difficult sport.

Director Santossh sir is a very confident filmmaker. He has got a lot of clarity. This is just his second outing. He has everything figured out in his head. He has an animated way of narrating things. He would show me the whole scene in detail. I had to understand the character in my own way in my head. Actors as good as Jagapathi Babu garu, comedian Satya and others are there to walk away with the scene. So, I had to give my best.

My third film, which has Vaisshnav as the male lead, is a family entertainer. It's a love story between two college-going people. It's a cute, dynamic love story.

I would love to act in every language. In Tamil, films are more performance-oriented. My acting career has just begun. I always knew that acting is the only thing I wanted to do in my life. I didn't know how it will happen. Once I moved to Mumbai, I started giving auditions. The universe responds to what you want to do. My parents are doctors. They gave me one year to achieve my dream. Thankfully, Puri Jagannadh sir gave me 'Romantic'! 

Updated on December 3, 2021