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Adivi Sesh's acting in last 20 minutes of 'HIT 2' is arresting: Sailesh Kolanu


After 'HIT: The First Case', director Sailesh Kolanu gears up for the release of 'HIT: The Second Case'. The Adivi Sesh-starrer hits the cinemas on December 2. In this interview, the filmmaker talks about the 'HIT' franchise, roping in the 'Major' actor, and more.

The audience are expecting better scale and bigger quality in sequels. 'HIT 2' has got what I had written for 'HIT 3'. That's why, logically, Vishwak Sen could not have been a part of the movie. A new officer had to step in.

After writing the climax, Adivi Sesh flashed in my mind. I had a couple of other options in mind earlier. Don't ask me the names of those heroes. Sesh is someone who fits the bill in the role of a suave officer. He is leisurely at first and has no anxiety. What happens when such a cop gets to deal with a complex mystery?

The 'HIT' franchise was never supposed to be a one-hero film. New heroes will get introduced as more and more films get made. Krishna Dev (Sesh) needs to be introduced before bringing back Vikram Rudraraju (Vishwak Sen). When I pitched the idea to the producer (Nani), he made effort to understand my vision. He knew that the 'HIT' universe needs to be established thoroughly.

Left to me, I wouldn't show even the trailer for 'HIT 2' to the audience. But that's not how things work in the real world.

The incidents in 'HIT 1' and 'HIT 2' reflect the worst criminal thinking in our society. The Disha gangrape and murder incident happened just weeks before the release of 'HIT 1'. It was an unfortunate coincidence.

I prefer realistic treatment. I come from a research background. Detailing is what I like. After firing a bullet, the policeman has to submit info regarding its purpose to his superiors. It's a long process. It's not a reckless thing as shown in movies.

The crimes shown in my movies happened in the real world. I studied about 300 crimes for 5-6 years sitting in a library at the University where I used to work. I had this plan to create a film universe years before I entered the film industry. Nani knows the blueprint of the universe. His and my creative wavelength are always in sync.

When I went to pitch the script to Sesh, he asked me many doubts. After all, he is a writer himself. We had four rounds of discussion, each 8-9 hours long. I had answers to all his questions.

You are going to see a new Sesh in the last 20 minutes. His performance is riveting. He came to the set fully prepared. His acting is intense.

Using the term 'Kodi Burra' is my 'ootha padam' when I chide my Assistant Directors. It's a direct translation of the English-language term 'bird-brained'. That's what you see the hero use in 'HIT 2'.

The love track in 'HIT 1' was not a deviation. It was meant to add a certain tension to the story. In 'HIT 2', too, the emotional layers are there. They are integral to the story, not far removed from the main story. They are not speed-breakers. They go into giving a wholesome experience.

There are going to be 7 parts in the 'HIT' franchise. The first part took six months. The second part took two years only because of Covid-19. Then I also had to do the Hindi remake of the first part. Sesh was busy with 'Major'.

I won't be remaking 'HIT 2' in Hindi. It will be dubbed and released in Hindi. The Hindi audience are not watching remakes in the OTT era. They are scolding filmmakers for doing remakes (laughs). I have had to tell the Hindi audience that I am the director of the Telugu original. I will be doing Hindi films in the 'HIT' franchise but the stories will be very different from the Telugu franchise.

I entered the film industry to work with Nani, the actor. But he became a producer of my films.

'HIT 3' will have a bigger scale. I don't want to talk about Vijay Sethupathi's rumoured presence in the movie.

Updated on November 29, 2022