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Mahati Swara Sagar talks about 'Bholaa Shankar'


"Chalo' and 'Bheeshma', among other movies, were rom-coms. 'Bholaa Shankar' is the first time I have done a larger-than-life movie. So, this will always be special," says Mahati Swara Sagar in this interview. After composing music for small movies such as 'Krishna Vrinda Vihari' and 'Swathi Muthyam' in recent months, the son of 'Melody Brahma' Mani Sharma awaits the release of his biggest project ever: 'Bholaa Shankar'. Ahead of the film's theatrical release on August 11, Mahati talks about his experience of working on a Megastar Chiranjeevi movie.

I am used only to admiring Chiranjeevi garu. It took me some time to believe the fact that I bagged his movie. I was pleasantly surprised. It was on my father's birthday that director Meher Ramesh told me about the offer. I thought he was pranking me.

I listened to his old songs and recent songs. I analyzed what kind of songs others have given for his movies. Elders have done great music for Chiru garu's movies. They gave him huge blockbusters. It was not easy to handle the pressure.

I have worked under a number of music directors in the past. I didn't want the sound of my music to sound influenced by their works.

My father did many movies with Chiru garu. Even for 'Acharya', he didn't get to go modish with him. My advantage is that director Meher preferred modern and contemporary music. That helped me bring my uniqueness to 'Bholaa Shankar'. I got to experiment a little more in the case of background music. With songs, the score for experimentation was limited, given I had to set tunes keeping in view Chiru garu's dancing style. Authentic rap music is one of the things I have tried. The Sangeet song fused with folk music was the director's idea. Two more songs are going to be released. A rap is going to be out soon. The first song in the movie will also be out.

The music of the Tamil original, 'Vedhalam', was a huge hit. I am a fan of Anirudh. My first experience with the Megastar has been thrilling. The 'Bholaa Mania' tune was the first one that he listened to. I was nervous that day. I was scared at the thought of him rejecting the tune. He was on the set of another movie. He appreciated me saying the music is electrifying. 'Milky Beauty' was conceived by him. It was earlier conceived by the director as a mass number. He wanted it to be a melody because the rest of the songs are already out-and-out massy. He wanted me to try to get into the space of my father. No music director can fully satisfy his aura and charisma.

My all-time favourite album is 'Indra'. I have watched it hundreds of times. I totally love the music in it. 'Mruga Raju' is another of my favourite movies. My father always tells me melodies are what give longevity to a music director. He believes that there is melody even in mass songs.

'Radhe Govinda' from 'Indra' is the one song of my father I would like to remix. It would suit Ram Charan a lot. For that, I have to be blessed with a Charan movie.

I am doing a movie directed by Sreenu Vaitla. I am also doing Nara Rohit's 'Prathinidhi 2' and a Tamil movie. I love to compose scores for offbeat movies and thrillers. My greatest critics are in my studio and home. They give frank feedback. My wife and mother are harsh. 

Updated on July 31, 2023