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'MAD' is a slice of your college life; it is a complete entertainer: Team 'MAD'


Narne Nithin, Sangeeth Shobhan, Ram Nithin, Sri Gouri Priya Reddy, Ananathika Sanilkumar, and Gopika Udayan are going to be seen in this week's release 'MAD'. To be released in theatres on October 6, the film is directed by Kalyan Shankar and produced by Sithara Entertainments.

Sangeeth Shoban:

I am director Shoban garu's second son. After I started doing web series (for ZEE5 and Aha Video), nothing exciting came my way until producer S Naga Vamsi anna called me and asked me to listen to the script written by Kalyan Shankar. That's how 'MAD' came about.

'MAD' has been made in the age of Instagram. The comedy makes pop culture references. The college backdrop instantly reminds people of 'Happy Days'. In contrast to Sekhar Kammula's movie, ours is an out-and-out entertainer.

My brother Santosh Shoban has been a male lead. His struggles were bigger when he started out, for he didn't have the advantage of OTT when he debuted in 2018. Compared to him, it has been relatively less hard for me.

Prabhas anna and Mahesh Babu garu are probably not aware of me. They know my brother, though, thanks to their past association with our father. They are superstars leading busy lives.

'Jathi Rantalu' was co-written by Kalyan Shankar, the director of 'MAD'. If producer Naga Vamsi recently said that our film is as hilarious as 'JR', that's because of that link. The intention was not to gloat about the comedy quotient in our movie.

Apparently, our director happened to narrate the story of this movie to the director of 'DJ Tillu'. He reacted by saying that it's mad. That's how our director stumbled upon the title 'MAD', which is actually a positive term in this context.

The costumes, the character traits, etc. have been given to each of the three male leads keeping in mind their relative strengths.

I discuss the offers I get with my mother, who is the best critic I know. She is frank and brutally honest. I respect her judgement, followed by my mother's take. He usually lets me do what I deem fit.

Ram Nithin:

I started out as a YouTube actor by doing a web series about two years ago. I have also done 'Hello World' (for ZEE5). When I listened to the script of 'MAD', I realized that this was the real deal because a big banner like Sithara Entertainments is producing it.

Throughout, the film maintains an entertaining vibe. I am glad that 'Jathi Ratnalu' director Anudeep KV has played a comic role in our movie. He was happy to be part of this thorough entertainer. This film's sole aim is to keep the audience in splits throughout the running time.

Right from the start, each of us wanted to entertain the audience, to perform rather than to act with subtlety. The idea was to generate an energetic vibe. This is not a serious film.

I am blessed to have got to play a role of this sort. Each of the three male leads are different from each other in certain ways.

Bheems Ceciroleo has been in prime form. The two songs released so far have clicked with the listeners. I am told the BGM is in step with the hilarious nature of the script. The audience will be transported to the college atmosphere, thanks to his BGM.

The film has been made on the basis of real-life college experiences in our director's life. 'MAD' is a slice of his college life. The characters have emotions but the tone is not serious. Everything is realistic.

Our movie has got situational dialogues, repartees, satires, etc. The audience will be in for complete meals. The film has been made to give a 'paisa vasool' experience to the audience.

Gopika Udayan:

I don't know how to speak in Telugu although I understand the language. I have a Kerala background and have been in Dubai. The team of 'MAD' contacted me via Instagram. Radha is my character's name. I am playing a vital character. She comes from a village and is friends with Sangeeth since childhood. They both experience a boisterous college life for the first time.

Producer Haarika is making her debut. The best part of Team MAD is that we all belong to the same age group. The producer never behaved as thought she is different. I hope she goes on to do more and more projects.  

Updated on October 3, 2023