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'Manamey' has me as an assertive, strict wife named Subhadra: Krithi Shetty


Krithi Shetty in 'Manamey' has a unique part. This June 7th release, starring Sharwanand in the lead, is directed by Sriram Adittya. Produced by People Media Factory, the film is a pack of emotions, entertainment and drama. She refuses to divulge whether she is playing a mother in 'Manamey'. "Once you watch the film, you will understand my character better," the 'Uppena' beauty says.

I have learned Telugu over the years. There has been a wide gap between my previous Telugu film and 'Manamey'. That's because I was preoccupied with projects in Tamil and Malayalam. I have always wanted to do distinct scripts in Telugu. I feel more responsible when it comes to Tollywood because I owe my fame to the industry. I have been choosy consciously. I have become more choosy lately. Over the years, I have become more aware about life and people. I am grateful for all the experience I have gained.

'Manamey' is a fresh attempt to me. I have always played cute, soft, quiet, meek, bubbly in my previous films. Subhadra in 'Manamey' is assertive and strict. Since I am a wife, I am a bit aggressive towards her husband. She honours her words come what may. That's something I really liked about her. Director Adittya asked me to shed the baggage of my previous films while approaching this character.

I like to do homework before the shoot. I try to widen my perspective by talking to, say, married women in the case of 'Manamey'.

'Manamey' is a perfect family entertainer. This has a serious angle but the treatment is very fun to watch. I got to do a dance-based song, incidentally. Dancing is something I have always loved from childhood. Lately, I have interest interest in martial arts, too.

Hesham Abdul Wahab's music was tailor-made for the script. London is where the major part of the film was shot. The weather was unpredictable, made worse by the window-heavy house where we shot the film. The lighting would change in no time, resulting in postponement of the shot.

Producer TG Vishwa Prasad garu is a sweet producer. The production house took care of everything.

Sharwanand is one of the finest performers. He is casual on set and doesn't take anything too seriously. I have watched his previous movies and was excited to see how he would approach a particular scene. I was stunned that he just finished it in a snap. Matching him is not an easy deal. The fact that a baby (Vikram Adittya) is part of the cast added to the difficulty level. Sharwanand could handle everything with ease. The baby would cry a lot at times.

'Manamey' is emotional and entertaining with a global connect. Parents and kids alike will connect with it.

I look for roles where I can make my presence felt. It depends on the director how he wants to bring your character out. Even if my role has a limited screentime, it's about how much versatility I can bring to the table. 'Shyam Singha Roy' had me in a short role. But that role helped me prove that I was up for urbane roles.

Playing a Princess is one of my dream roles. I want to play something like what Anushka Shetty played in 'Baahubali'.

Once I have worked on a film, the result is not in my hands. I have tasted both successes and experienced failures at a young age. I am not responsible what happens with the film. No film's fate depends on the heroine. No actress has the power to suggest changes or control how a film is made. I can't take credit for success either. A lot depends on destiny in this context. Why worry about something that is not in your control?

I am doing three Tamil films and one Malayalam film. I am in talks for a Telugu project.

Updated on May 31, 2024