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Raja talks about "Mr Medhavi"


He has the guy next door looks but still stands apart. His films are the ones that can be termed as different and fresh in today’s scenario. And that is what has got Raja a place in the hearts of both the young and old as well. An entrepreneur, Raja is all set to distribute his latest film, the Neelakanta directed Mister Medhavi, overseas. In a chat with Ragalahari, Raja speaks very excitedly about why people should look forward to this film.

Q: What is so exciting about your role in Mister Medhavi?
A: My character in this film is that of a very intelligent and manipulative guy who is the project manager of a group of companies. His double edged mannerism gets him into as much of a trouble as it helps him. Mister Medhavi is all about how my character manages to handle his good and bad doings.

Q: So how was it working for an award winner like Neelakanta?
A: Neelkanta is a fabulous director to work with and he is one of the best screenplay writers in our country. I myself was surprised at the kind of performances that he had extracted from me, when I saw the film’s rushes during the dubbing. I don’t think I will be able to repeat such a performance of mine. There are very few directors of his caliber.

Q: Most of Neelakanta’s films have a very strong role for the female lead. Is this film dominated by Geneelia’s role?
A: No. Geneelia plays the role of a NRI from Canada. She has a very strong personality and is an independent woman entrepreneur. Her character is that of a go getter. But it in no way dominates the film. The film is about my character. I had the same feeling about this film that I had after watching Anand and Aa Naluguru. I almost cried watching the film’s climax. It is an emotional and moving climax. . And I am sure that Geneelia will have a hattrick with Mister Medhavi, after hits like Bommarillu and Dhee.

Q: How different are Geneelia and Sneha?
A: Sneha has mostly portrayed mature roles and she had a good hold over a family crowd. On the other hand Geneelia has a strong following among the youth. Most of her characters are youthful ones. But both these actress have always done justice to whatever characters they have portrayed.

Q: Is that the reason you bought the film’s over seas distribution rights?
A: I watched the film three times and I fell in love with it every time that I watched it. That is reason why I bought the film’s over seas distribution rights as well as the DVD rights. I will be distributing the film on the banner of Sri Raj Film Distributors.

Q: It is part of your remuneration?
A: No. I bought the rights in cash.

Q: And who is coordinating the overseas release?
A: R.K.Films will be helping me with the film’s over seas release. They have earlier released the hit films Bommarillu and Happy Days. Other interested exhibitors can call me at 9949088343.

Q: What about the music?
A: The music is absolutely fabulous. My favorite is ‘Neeti mabbullona”. Genelia will be introduced with the song “Kala Katuka”

Q: When is the film being released?
A: The most likely date is 26th January.

Updated on April 25, 2020