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Raja speaks about his trip abroad


The unconventional chocolate hero of the Telugu Film Industry, Raja is all smiles after his recent trip to the US of A where the actor was busy promoting his film, Mister Medhavi, for the last couple of weeks. Back as a happy distributor and an actor, Raja speaks to Ragalahari about his trip abroad.

Q: How is the film faring in the US?
A: They (Telugu NRIs) prefer to watch experimental films like this. They liked Mister Medhavi as the HR SWOT analysis was very much relevant to their working environments. They loved the message that the film had. I never knew that New Jersey and San Jose had such a huge Telugu community. I made so many friends over there that I never had to stay in a hotel. I interacted with the crowds during the film’s screening and they all loved Neelakanta’s work. They enjoyed the comedy in the film. There was absolutely no negative talk for Mister Medhavi.

Q: Where all did you tour?
A: I went to places like New Jersey, San Jose, Virginia, Chicago, Dallas and Detroit. The response that Mister Medhavi got in New Jersey and San Jose was amazing though it received an equally good response in the other places. Due to the bad weather and snow fall in the northern places like Chicago and Detroit, there was a slight problem over there.

Q: So did you do good business for a first time distributor?
A: I am even as of now and will make profit now onwards. New Jersey alone attracted a crowd of over 2500 people. And I still have to showcase the film in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore and UK.

Q: Did your previous films also fare this well abroad?
A: Yes. Vennela pulled in the younger crowd while Anand was quite popular with the ladies and the elderly.

Q: So the next time you plan to distribute your own film it means that it is real good and vice versa?
A: (laughs) nothing like that. You are putting me in a tight spot with that question. I just might distribute my next film Bhadradi also.

Updated on April 25, 2020