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Allu Arjun talks about "Parugu"


Allu Arjun who started his career with a superhit film called Gangotri had done atleast half a dozen films after that. Though Gangotri gave him the recognition as a good artist, he won the hearts of many young girls with the film Aarya. He made his own mark with the film Aarya and from then onwards Allu Arjun became Stylish Star Allu Arjun. In no time he reached the heights and acquired the stardom. An interview was taken with Bunny as his latest film Parugu is releasing on May 1st.

Q: Can you briefly tell what Parugu is about?
A: No! I don’t want to talk anything about it till it’s released.

Q: For what purpose is this Parugu for?
A: This Parugu is nothing but to win a girl’s heart.

Q: Heard that a different title was considered earlier.
A: Yes, it’s true that many titles like Romeo, Premikudu etc were considered before, but director Bhaskar finally choose this one called Parugu.

Q: What is the difference between your previous films and this film?
A: This film has the elements which a common man will relate to his life. At the same time it also has the commercial elements which a film needs to have. And all the songs are situational bound which runs the story along with it.

Q: You had a strong body buildup in Desamuduru whereas in Parugu you seems to look very normal.
A: Appearance changes from film to film. The character I played in Desamuduru demanded a lot of muscles that I need to show, whereas the character I played in Parugu is contrast to that of Desamuduru. So I need to appear as a common man.

Q: Can we expect some good action part in this film?
A: As I’ve already mentioned that Parugu is quite contrast to my previous film Desamuduru, it does not contain much of action scenes.

Q: What is new in this film?
A: My performance itself is new in this film as you will see a different me from that of my other films.

Q: What made you not to work with any new director after Aarya?

A: I’ve no such restrictions that I should not work with new directors. I only need to get convinced with the script and their narrating style. Although I’m ready for it, only time has to decide when I’ll get the chance to work with new directors.

Q: What was your reaction when Bhaskar narrated the script to you?
A: Basically I liked the central point of the theme. The theme is based on the thoughts of the generation gap. Today’s youth are different and do what they feel like. They are not realizing how much pain they are causing to their parents due to that. Bhaskar had narrated this point clearly from the point of view of younger generation. But I can assure that this film is no where related to ‘Bommarillu’.

Q: How do you relate your character in this film? Is it according to your style or according to Bhaskar’s style?
A:The character that I played in this film is similar to the hero’s character in Bommarillu who is casual and easy going type.

Q: Tell us about your new heroine Sheela.
A: Sheela being a South Indian girl, is very easy to work with because she can understand the language and can prepare herself accordingly without anyone’s guidance. So far I’ve worked with only North Indian girls but this is the first time I’m working with a South Indian actress. According to me, Sheela is a component of Genelia as far as acting is concerned. One could find lot of similarities in their acting style.

Q: Your signing up a film is based on whose decision?
A: Three people have to decide on my signing the film. First it’s me who has to okay the script. Then my father and then Chiranjeevi garu.

Q: Your father taking decision is fine but how is that even Chiranjeevi’s decision is considered. What if one of them rejects?
A:So far I’ve not come across such situation. I consider Chiranjeevi garu’s decision also as important because he keeps guiding me in choosing the scripts and the directors. Recently Sukumar had narrated a story to him which has impressed Chiranjeevi garu. If everything goes well we may announce the project soon.

Q: It’s a fact that you romance many heroines on-screen. Can we know if you had shared your love with anyone off-screen?
A: Of course, I too believe in love but it’s difficult to say now who it is.

Q: How do you spend your leisure time?
A: I do lot of things during my free time. I give replies to my fan mails, I arrange my book-shelves and most importantly being a movie buff I love watching films.

Q: Don’t you feel that you are missing something important in your life when you spend too much time in shootings?
A: No! Not at all. Infact heroes get to enjoy more than anybody else.

Q: When have you seen the film ‘Jalsa’?
A: I saw the film on April 2nd and liked it very much. After Pawan garu’s Kushi, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. He had portrayed the character which I exactly wanted him to do.

Q: What’s your opinion about politics?
A: If you really want to know I’m very poor in two things, one is Politics and the second is Maths.

Q: Can you give us your opinion about director Bhaskar?
A:Bhaskar is a very talented man. His thought process is too high. Having so much knowledge about cinema at this young age is really appreciable.

Q: What’s your aim as an actor?
A: Since my thinking does not have consistency, my aim does not last long. I keep changing my ideas according to the situations. Right now I want to do two films a year.

Thus the interview came to an end with all the smiles on Bunny face. Let's hope that Parugu will be one more milestone in his film's carrier.

Updated on April 25, 2020