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While I confuse everyone in Arya, I get confused in Arya 2 - Allu Arjun


‘Arya 2’ has already created enough ripples even before its release through its electrifying music, especially the song ‘Ringa Ringa’ that is becoming more and more popular day by day. The super successful combo of ‘Arya’, Allu Arjun-Sukumar-Devisri Prasad once again all set to woo the audience with their latest release on Novemeber 27. ‘Arya 2’ which also features Kajal Agarwal, Navdeep and Shradda Das, is produced by Aditya Babu under Aditya Arts banner and going to be presented by Bhogavalli Prasad. After delivering two hit films like ‘Desamuduru’ and ‘Paragu’, Allu Arjun is desperate for a hat trick. On the eve of ‘Arya 2’ releasing tomorrow, the actor spoke to the media and shared his views.

How do you differentiate ‘Arya’ from ‘Arya 2’?
‘Arya’ and ‘Arya 2’ are two different films with different storylines. But my character continues in this film with the same name ‘Arya’, thus it became ‘Arya 2’. The only similarity is that both films are in the combination of Sukumar and me. While I confuse everyone in ‘Arya’, I get confused in ‘Arya 2’.

Could you please be more specific about your characterization in ‘Arya 2’?
In ‘Arya’ I played the role of a college student right. Whereas in ‘Arya 2’, I’m playing a software professional, who tend to have relationship with his surrounding people and gets ready to do anything for them.

Tell us about the roles of Kajal, Navdeep and Sraddha Das?
Other than mine, I hope you remember the other three lead characters in ‘Arya’. Those three characters will also continue in this film but in different perspectives and they are played by Kajal, Navdeep and Sraddha Das. Aah! There is one more important character called Subbi Reddy which is also going to be the highlight of this film. That role was played by Ajay.

The music has become super hit, especially the song ‘Ringa Ringa’. How do you feel about that?
Great! Devisri had already given a super hit song ‘Aa ante Amalapuram’ in ‘Arya’ and now he had come up with yet another mesmerizing tune ‘Ringa Ringa’ in ‘Arya 2’. This song is actually done by Devisri and Sukumar together. So the credit goes to both of them.

What is opinion on Sukumar?
While we worked for ‘Arya’ there wasn’t any pressure on us as it was Sukumar’s debut film and for me it was just a 2nd film. So everything went on smoothly. This being his third film, the past experience helped him improve his visual thinking. Hence he was able to handle the script in a more matured manner than before. This apart, he is also desperate for a hit after ‘Jagadam’, so he underwent lot of pressure during the time of making ‘Arya 2’.

How are you managing the multiple ongoing projects at the same time?
Gunasekhar’s project ‘Varudu’ started while the shooting of ‘Arya 2’ was in final stages. I am doing exactly the film which I was longing to do with him for quite some time. My other film ‘Vedam’, being directed by Krish carries five stories of five different characters. Since my role is very limited, I never felt it difficult to do this film too.

What made you choose a film like ‘Vedam’??
‘Gamyam’. It’s an outstanding movie which moved my heart. I couldn’t stop clapping even after the film got over. It’s just awesome. Later Sharwanand introduced Krish to me and thereafter we continued to keep in touch through phone. One fine day Krish said that he is planning to start his new project with new star cast and narrated the story to me. I liked it so much that I told him I wanted to do a particular role and also suggested him to cast big stars in the film.

We are also inquisitive to know about your other project with VV Vinayak.
Ok, you mean ‘Badrinath’. I am doing my homework on that project too during my break period. Chinni Krishna, who provided script for my first film ‘Gangotri’ is providing script for this film too.

What was it like working in a multi-starrer film?
I always want to be a trendsetter. Infact, it was me who set the trend for six pack abs with ‘Desamuduru’. And now I am once again going to set the trend for multi-starrer films with ‘Vedam’. Even in ‘Arya 2’ I’ve shared the screen with Navdeep.

When can we expect a film in Ram Charan-Allu Arjun combination?
We would certainly do a film together provided we get a good story.

Well, your favourite place seems to be a pub.
Just because I am a star I don’t like to stay aloof at home enjoying my star status. I like going to pubs, of course not to do masti with girls and drinks, (laughs), but to make friends with people from various fields.

You seem to have gained a good popularity in Kerala. How did it happen?
Yes, I was surprised when I was surrounded by a huge gathering while I was shooting for ‘Varudu’ in Kerala recently. They started to praise me and my films in their language, but unfortunately I couldn’t understand a single word of what they said. Infact we even packed off the shooting that day since it became very difficult to shoot amidst such a huge crowd. Till then I was not even aware that I gained so much popularity in Kerala.

Any marriage plans?
(smiles) Yes! I’m yet to find a girl of my choice. I’m in search of one such girl that even my family members must be surprised to see her and say aawww!

Updated on December 5, 2009