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Siddarth spoke about his latest film ‘Oye’


Siddarth is one hero who aptly suits for youthful romantic flicks. His charming face and his natural acting skills has helped him gain the sweet chocolate boy image through films like ‘Boys’, ‘Nuvvosthanante Nenodhantana’, ‘Rang De Basanthi’, ‘Yuva’ ‘Bommarillu’ and now ‘Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam’. In this line Siddhu is now coming with yet another cute romantic flick titled ‘Oye’ co-starring Shamilee. This young and handsome hero who is mesmerizing the Indian girls all through is celebrating his 30th birthday with his family and friends today. On this eve, Siddhu spoke about his latest film ‘Oye’ in a beautiful manner. Here are some excerpts:

What is your plan for this birthday?
Nothing special!  Today is yet another day for me. But when I compare my previous birthday with this year, this is a special birthday to me because my Bollywood flick ‘Striker’ is going to release shortly followed by ‘Oye’ in June. So I’m very happy about that.

The title ‘Oye’ sounds interesting.  What is the film about?
Do you really want to know what it is about, then wait for few more days and watch the film.  Don’t mistake this film with my earlier films.  My earlier films were mostly family cum youth entertainers but as far as this film is concened the concept is totally new and you will have a fresh feel when you watch it on screen.  The story has been narrated in a poetic manner and I’m sure this kind of films has never been made in Telugu so far.

What does the subject deal with?
mmm……ok.  Let me tell you.  The entire story revolves around the lead pair. The movie tells about relationship between the two and meaning of life in a very beautiful manner.

You have always wanted to go with new directors? Any special reasons?
The main reason for selecting new directors is the thirst in them.  They come with new concepts and new ideas and the urge to make variety films.  All these things impresses me a lot, hence I prefer to work with them.

Can you tell us about some of the highlights in ‘Oye’?
‘Oye’ is like a full fledged meal.  Yes! The movie is a romantic flick with melodious music and captivating cinematography.  Another thing that I would like to share with you is I’m the creative producer for Oye’s music album.

What is your opinion about Shamilee?
Oh! She is a wonderful actress and has done an amazingly good job. She has earned a great name and fame as a child artist. Now, this being her debut film we are taking enough care not to reveal her pictures before the release of film because we want people to see her on silver screen directly.

How much command do you really have in music?
I learnt Carnatic music during my childhood days.  I love music and I even play drums. Being a music lover I listen to all kinds of music.

Basically you want to give yourself less priority to action sequences in your films? Why?
Actually by nature I don’t prefer to watch films that have violence. According to me violence is not good to watch not just for kids but for elders too. That is the reason why I select family oriented subjects. I’ve done quite a few action scenes but if you watch them carefully you will find no violence in it.

You have assisted greats like Mani Ratnam and Shankar in direction and gained some good experience in that field too.  What was your contribution in direction in  this film.
I normally don’t involve without a valid reason in direction.  If I’ve any doubts I would clear it then and there and if necessary try to explain the director about my point of view.  For all the directors I’ve worked with, Prabhu Deva has got very good visual sense and next comes ‘Oye’ director Anand whose taste almost matches with that of mine.

Can you give us some idea about your future projects?
I’m going to do another film under Prabhu Deva’s direction that would be launched in October.

Updated on April 25, 2020