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Siddarth is not simply a hero but also a singer, writer, director and a good technician


Handsome Siddarth is not simply a hero but also a singer, writer, director and a good technician. This young and energetic talented person who is very fond of working with new directors is eagerly waiting to see the audiences response for his latest flick ‘Oy’ that is releasing tomorrow, 3rd of July. He won the hearts of many young girls with his mainden film ‘Nuvvosthanante Nenodhantana’ and got the stamp of lover boy through films like ‘Bommarillu’ and KIKK. Now he is all set to delight his female fans, this time in a different angle of romantic role. Here are some excerpts from his chit chat:

It appears that you have learnt the trick of trade by giving successful projects through new directors. Can you give us the formula?
(Laughs) You have rightly said that it is trick of the trade which is not supposed to be revealed.  But still let me share with you my secret.  I consider myself as an audience, understands the limits I am supposed to deal with and try my best to be within that.

If you consider yourself as an audience, how will you think as Siddu?
I always ask few questions like what is the challenge for me in the story, what’s new in the story and what is there in the movie that would show me in a new angle?  If these are well answered by the director that makes the beginning.

If that is the case what is Anand Ranga’s package for you?
Yeah! (smiles) It’s true. It’s all the matter of story.  The ‘Oy’ title is itself has kindled enough interest in me which has been further shaped by Anand Ranga.

The audio CDs show your name as producer of album.  What’s the story behind it?
It may be new to our people but common in Hollywood that whenever there is a fight for the rights of the album someone walks in.  Here I walked in between Yuvan Shankar Raja and Anand Ranga.

How your singing traits shape up?
I’m not a professional singer. At times the character and song might suit my voice and hence the songs you have seen.  Even in Oy, it is Anand’s insistence that made me sing the title song since he believed that my voice would have a better impact.

You have been showing interest and acquiring knowledge in different departments.  Don’t you feel overloaded?
What I learnt is hardly a drop in an ocean.  Still I feel there is a long way to go and I never feel it a burden to learn something new,

Does your taste have any serious influence on the characters you portray?
It’s more to do with the influence of character than the personal tastes.  For example, Bommarillu showed me as an obedient son and so is the character in KIKK.  Whereas Oy wants me in a romantic role and you will see a different Siddu there.

Why there is a stamp on you as a lover boy?
It’s the way I’m made of.  My personality does not match that of a character who can handle more than a dozen rowdies single handedly.  Infact, I would prefer myself to be addressed as an actor than a hero.  It is this role which does not have any limits like a hero but is a perfect source to bring in front of you the dreams and themes of all technicians like the music director, cameraman and not to forget the director.

You have certain standards in your profession.  But at times we observe some deficiencies.  Any reasons!
All measurements do not have any say when it comes to the audience. It’s just a matter of 3 hours of entertainment to their hard earned money. Infact the standards are to be measured by the works of greats like K Viswanth, Jandhaya and Raghavendra Rao who set bench marks and draw the audience from drawing room to theaters.

Well! Why we do not see such standards with the new generation of directors?
The old generation learnt cinema from life, whereas the new generation learns cinema from cinema. This is the major difference which brings to you the already established characters giving a feel of repetition and boredom. But still there are many notable contributors from the new generation like Rajamouli, Sekhar Kammula, Krish, Anand Ranga and Prakash who have created a niche for them by their intelligence and tireless efforts to present the audience the work they pay for.

If you happen to be a director, will you accept Siddarth as a hero?
(Laughs) No! I might look for someone with more aggressive.

We learned that you are writing stories.  When will they take shape as movies?
I’m lucky to receive offers with good stories. So my stories are still in the cupboard.  I wish the opportunity never came.

Updated on April 25, 2020