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Dr. Rajasekhar speaks about his latest film Evadaithe Nakenti


He was the angry young man of the late eighties and essayed a variety of roles that proved his versatility as an actor. This doctor turned actor is now banking heavily on his latest ready for release film, Evadaithe Nakenti, to revivify his flagging career. The film is set for release on 9th February. In a chat with Ragalahari, Dr. Rajasekhar speaks about his latest film Evadaithe Nakenti.


Q: It seems like there is a lot of pressure on you regarding the success of Evadaithe Nakenti.
A: After a spat of disappointing films it is justifiable for the audiences and my fans to be angry with me. I have learned my lesson and hope to not repeat my mistakes. Evadaithe Nakenti is my first step towards my reconciliation with the audiences’. We have taken care that the audiences are not disappointed with my latest effort. I am confidant that I will win this do or die situation that I am in.

Q: Can you tell us about the film?
A: The story is about how an ex army officer comes home to find his own father an education minister and brother in law, an IPS officer corrupt. Realizing that India is more at danger from its own corrupt countrymen that the across the border enemies, he decides to join politics to cleanse the system and rid the society of excess baggage. The film is about how he achieves that.

Q: What about the film’s music?
A: Music director Chinna is an excellent re recorder and has worked for more than 3 weeks on the re recording of Evadaithe Nakenti. He has 30 years of association with most of the renowned music directors of our industry.

Q: What was the censor’s verdict on the film?
A: They too agreed that Evadiiathe Nakenti is the kind of film that the viewers expect from me. Evadaithe Nakenti will inspire youngsters to join politics and work for a cause, the same way that Ankusum inspired people to join the police force.

Q: Why is your name in the credit for story? Isn’t this a remake film?
A: This film is based on the story of Lion. I have changed the story according to the demands and nativity of our region while keeping the basic storyline intact. After realizing what the audiences’ are expecting from me I had decided to make changes in the script. I have also penned the films dialogues and worked on the screenplay. With the kind of changes that I have made I am sure that Lion’s Malayalam producers, after watching the film, would want the remake rights of Evadaithe Nakenti.

Q: Jeevitha is part of the film’s directorial team?
A: Initially Jeevitha was to be the directorial supervisor (Darsakata Paryavekshana) but after seeing the kind of hard work that she put into the film director Samudra insisted that her name be added to the directorial credits.

Q: Is she (Jeevitha) always supportive of your decisions?
A: From when I married Jeevitha, in 1991, she has been nothing but my biggest support system. The kind of tensions and scolds that have unburdened on her for the last 8 months make me feel very guilty for having treated her like that. Rajasekhar and Jeevitha make a good pair only because of Jeevitha. Not me. She takes all my worries and still smiles.

Q: How come Sai Kumar agreed to dub for you in this film?
A: Sai Kumar’s mother was very fond of me. After she expired, recently, Sai Kumar told me that she wished that Sai Kumar would once again dub for me. When Evadaithe Nakenti came along I requested Sai Kumar to dub and he obliged saying that he will also dub for my future films.

Q: How many prints are you releasing the film with?
A: 140. That’s the highest in my career. Evadaithe Nakenti will also release in the US with 3 prints on 10th February.

Updated on April 25, 2020