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Dr.Rajasekhar talks about "Seshu"


The hero who got reputed as Angry Young Man with the films, Ankusam, Aagraham, Magaadu, is Dr.Rajasekhar. Had lot of hopes on the Seshu movie, which is a change from his routine movies but left them with disappointment and brought them losses. The director is none other than Smt.Jeevitha. Let's look into what Dr.Rajasekhar says about Seshu

The character in the film Seshu is your favorite know! Then how did the audience receive that character?
They didn't receive it as much I expected. The character, which I liked, and I expected this to attract the audience in a different manner. But there's no result. This movie couldn't attract the mass people. The educated persons who saw the movie told me that my performance is good. One who realizes the meaning of life would definitely like this movie. Whatever it may be, Seshu left me with great loss and disappointment.

Some say that one reason for the flop of Seshu is its climax, then…?
I'm an angry young man in the audience view. They expect me to play a role who achieves something, but in this movie I becomes an insane for the sake of heroine and a failure because of love. They didn't like this. They keep a lot of expectations when they came to my movie but climax in this movie is disappointing to them. But to change the story because of that is wrong. If we join Parvathi with Devadas, there is no meaning to that movie and to their love story. Seshu is also the same.

What kind of experience did the movie give you?
This gave me mental satisfaction. But from now instead of doing experimental films, I decided to do film which audience like. This film left me with losses. I didn't earn single rupee from this movie. Just gave me satisfaction as an artist.

What is the scene that attracted you most in Seshu?
I like every scene in this movie. Most of all in the climax, the hero's longing ness for the heroine, but nobody recognizes him. I like that scene very much.

Supreme Court gave an order that lunatics (mad) should not be chained, but it is shown them chained in your movie?
That order was passed by the Supreme Court on the basis of the fire accident taken place in a lunatic asylum in Tamilnadu. For this, we can't change the movie, nah! This was a love story once upon a time. We took it just like that.

Are you saying Seshu is a real story?
Yes. It is real. The director of this original version in Tamil (Sethu), Mr.Bala told that this incident happened to his friend. He took his friend's story and made a movie. This was a big hit picture there.

When is the next picture in your banner?
We are listening to stories. Heard nearly more than 100 stories, but didn't select any story till now. We decided to do that movie also under Jeevitha's direction.

What quality did you like in Jeevitha as director that you made her to enter this field?
We both have same taste. She is good in everything. More in commonsense. She can do any job. Jeevitha participates in everything. A very good artist. In some of my pictures, which need to be reshoot, she use to do. That's why I have lot of confidence in her.

Updated on July 18, 2005