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A small chit-chat with Rajasekhar


Ankusam, Aahuthi, Aagraham and Magaadu are the films which brought an ‘Angry Young Man’ image to Dr Rajasekhar. On other hand, films like America Abbayi, Mamatala Kovela, Allari Priyudu and Maa Aayana Bangaram had also earned him enough female audience. With back to back hits ‘Evadaithe Nakenti’ and ‘Gorintaku’, one being a mass film and other, the sister sentiment film, he is now aiming to hit a hattrick with his latest film ‘Satyameva Jayathe’ under his home banner Sivani Sivatmika Films, directed by his better-half Jeevitha, releasing on February 13. The actor had a small chit-chat with the media personnel and spoke about his latest film. Some excerpts:

You are basically a doctor who turned into actor. Have you ever thought of your real profession?
Ofcourse yes! And I’m sincerely thinking to do my practice as a doctor again. I wanted to treat the patients atleast two days in a week. Actually I want to do wonders with Homeopathic medicine. But I’m unable to do in my present status.

There was abundant number of police films in Telugu. Infact you too have done many before. Is there anything new in Satyameva Jayathe?
I do not want reveal anything now, but one thing that I would like to share with you all is, post re-recording work, I found it to be at par with my earlier films – Ankusam, Magaadu and Aagraham. “I’m confident enough to say that Satyameva Jayathe will be a step above than those three films”, these are the words told not by me but my co-artist.

Is it a remake of Khaki?
Actually, the concept of both the films is more or less the same but the entire storyline of Satyameva Jayathe is different.  There is no resemblance between the two films. Our film has been designed according to the tastes of Telugu audience.

Police is the first judge is the theme of the story. What is the basic plot of the story?
If you want to know what it is, then you may have to wait till Feb 13.  The youth of this country are getting spoilt due to terrorism, bribe, cheating and many more things like that. And the police are the main witness for all these happenings. If the police are sincere in their work, no culprit can escape from punishment.  The betterment of the society is in the hands of police only. This is what we have exactly shown in the film.

Your previous film Gorintaku had a family subject with sister sentiment in it.  But this film is entirely opposite to that and the title Satyameva Jayathe also indicates that violence dominates the film. What do you say about that?
Frankly speaking, as far as my earlier films like Ankusam and Magaadu are concerned, theater-going audiences were mostly women.  Hence I don’t regret for this film, as Satyameva Jayathe also has elements that attract the women. Jeevitha being a woman herself has directed the film keeping all that in mind.

As an actor, what did you observe in Jeevitha?
Jeevitha’s thinking ability is very high. She has reduced my burden by lending her full support during the making of this film. While I wrote the screenplay and dialogues, Jeevitha gave life to the story. Something more than that indeed!

Neetu Chandra alleges that you manhandled her and even spoke ill about you to the national media.  What exactly went wrong?
Neetu Chandra is one such character who wanted to invite troubles purposefully. I feel there is a political hand in this issue. Neither Jeevitha nor I touched her. She was purposefully making fuss on the last day of shooting.  I have worked with many heroines till date, but have you ever heard anyone saying that Rajasekhar manhandled so and so heroine or he misbehaved on the sets? Then why do people have to believe those made-up stories when there is no truth in it?

Elections are nearing but there seems to be no active participation from your side. What could be the reason?
To be a politician we need to dedicate a lot of time which is lacking from my side.  Hence I feel I cannot do justice if I become a politician. Whereas Jeevitha has that potential in her hence she will no doubt be a good politician.

Can you give us an idea about your future projects?
Yes! Naa Style Veru is nearing completion after which I would be doing a film under A-1 Productions banner in Suryakiran’s direction and the shooting would begin in March.

Updated on April 25, 2020