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Grand Relaunch of Sri Saradhi Studios by Dasari Narayana Rao, Raghavendra Rao, K. Viswanath

Sarathi Studios is the earliest studio which was established in 1956 in Hyderabad city. Since then it is dedicated to films and stood as a home for hundreds of films. The studio, which is lagging behind due to some reasons, has been renovated nearly after 60 years as per the present shooting techniques. The relaunch event of the Sarathi Studios was held in a grand level on March 11.

Kala Tapaswi Sri K Viswanath garu, Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao garu and Darsakendrulu Sri Raghavendra Rao garu graced the event as chief guests. Senior director Relangi Narasimha Rao, sana Yadi Reddy, Veera Shankar and Allani Sridhar also graced the event. Saradhi unit chairmen MSRV Prasad and director KV Rao have welcomed the guest with flower bouquets. Darsakendrulu Sri Raghavendra Rao garu launched the dubbing and editing departments, while Kala Tapaswi Sri K Viswanath garu launched the website ‘’. Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao and the guests jointly launched the ‘Sarathi Studios Preview Theatre’.

Speaking at the event, Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao said, “I’m very happy that Sarathi Studio’, which stood as the perfect example for Telugu cinema, has been renovated with special charm. These days, when lands of the studios are being used in the real estate business to make profits, with the affection on film industry, Sarathi Studio is relaunched without seeking any profits. The studio reminds me of my good old days. I have made nearly 25 to 30 films at Sarathi Studios in my career. I stayed here nearly two years. I wish Sarathi Studios will continue its success and will reach many more milestones.”

Saradhi unit chairmen MSRV Prasad said, “I know about Sarathi Studios since my childhood. We have taken over the unit in 2006. We understood that the studio has no suitable facilities and therefore we have kept our heart and soul to modify the studio with advanced methodologies to suit what present cinema needs. From now on our studio will contribute its service to the film industry.”

On this occasion, Sarathi unit director KV Rao thanked the guests for attending the re launch program. All guests who attended the event have congratulated MSRV Prasad and KV Rao.
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